If you know you’re a fiercely independent person, chances are you don’t enjoy having someone breathing down your neck while you’re at work. You work hard regardless of whether your boss is checking up on your productivity. (If anything, you work even harder when you’re left to your own devices.)

As an independent person, it can be hard to find a job that suits you down to the ground. Whether you’re starting to look at career options for the first time, or you’re fed up with your current job and want a change, these career options might be for you.

Start Your Own Business

One of the best career options for independent people is taking the reigns and starting your own business. Whether you build an online business or get out there and offer a trade or service, what could be better than being your own boss? You’ll have full responsibility for your own performance and can work as hard as you want without other people deciding what your targets should be.

You may have existing skills or experience to draw on, but investing in formal training is always a good starting point once you know what industry appeals to you.

Look into training courses that will open doors for you as a business owner. For example, truck driver cdl training would allow you to run your own business as an independent contractor, with the freedom to hit the open road as and when you choose. Once you own your own truck—or fleet one day—you’re the decision-maker. As an independent person, you’ll relish the opportunity to take control of your destiny.


The education system is home to many independent people. A career as a teacher or university lecturer offers plenty of opportunities to pursue your own interests while paying the bills at the same time. Lecturing at university, you will often have the freedom to develop your own curriculum based on your field of expertise, and you shouldn’t have to endure much in the way of day-to-day interference. One of the reasons the field of education tends to suit independently minded people is that educational institutions offer an unpressured atmosphere for discovery and progress. Working on an academic project that you believe in gives you the chance to show the world what you can achieve when left to follow your instincts.

Become a Detective

Many fiercely independent people are also introverts. They prefer to spend much of their day alone, focused on a task. As a private investigator or detective, you will spend your days hot on the trail of fascinating individuals as their stories unfold. Every case is different, so you’ll need to adapt to the situation and come up with your own approach. Unless your boss hires someone to follow you around, you will be largely unsupervised. You may work with a partner, but it’s likely that they will be cut from the same cloth as you, so won’t be talking your ear off.

Whether you like to work with your hands or get lost in mathematical equations, highly independent people often have trouble finding the perfect job. These career options will help you narrow down the types of job that will allow you to be yourself.

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