Do you love the idea of brightly colored walls? If you have a favorite color, and it’s strong, bold and bright, then it’s only natural that you’d want it to be a big feature in your home decor. However, bright colors do tend to make rooms look smaller, and can be a bit overwhelming in some types of spaces. If you want to retain a spacious feel but still get to spend your time surrounded by the striking colors you love, then here are some ways you can have the best of both worlds:

Have an Accent Wall

One of the best ideas if you want the impact of a brightly colored room is to choose one wall to paint in your favorite bright color, and leave the other walls in white or another neutral that looks good with your bold color of choice. If you go for this option, you’ll want to be careful to make the edges in the corners between the white walls and the bright wall neat, so a good tactic is to place a line of masking tape down the height of the white walls to catch any stray colored paint. If you are looking for the right paints and tools to use for your paint job, then it’s a good idea to check out buyer’s guides like this one about the best airless paint sprayer for house painting.

Two-Tone Walls With a Dado Rail

Separating your walls horizontally with a dado rail and using your bright color on only one side, with a paler color to balance it out, can be another great way to feature a bold color without it making your room seem smaller. To get the right visual effect, you should have the brighter color at the bottom, and the lighter, more neutral shade at the top. This kind of arrangement works really well with dark colors as well as brights, so if you like the idea of a deep plum, a rich burgundy, or a stormy dark blue for your walls rather than a bold bright color, you can also use the dado rail approach.

Bright Shelves and Frames on Pale Walls

Another option is to keep the walls themselves light or white, and then have your chosen bright color as a permanent accent by installing brightly colored feature shelves, and getting bold frames in the same color for any mirrors or artwork you want to put on the walls. This can be less tricky than painting the walls but can be just as impactful in terms of making your favorite color very present in the room.

If you love the look and feel of an intense, bright pop of color, but don’t want to lose the light and airy feel of having pale walls, then these three options will all give you a chance to use the color you want in your room’s decor.


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