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Tips for A DIY Wedding Including Designs, Plans and Arrangement


May 17, 2018

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A DIY wedding can be a fun event and can be highly economical as well. Even though many people are opting for this type of wedding, people need to consider a number of factor while going for this option.

Some of the Tips that one can Follow while Planning for this Type of Wedding are:

Conducting A Thorough Research

A research is absolutely necessary for a DIY wedding in order to get the right kind of vision. This step will allow the planners to determine the number of elements and the resources that are required to make the wedding ceremony a grand success. The best part of any event management or wedding planning company now is that, you can customize your plans. Whether you want a rustic style wedding or a more corporate one, you can use the DIY techniques to get your wedding ceremony done marvelously.

Lookout While Hiring Friends and Family

Most of the experts ask people to steer away from opting for family and friends as DIY wedding planners because they usually lack correct judgement during the entire process. They are usually way too emotionally invested in the entire process which clouds their clarity of thought. This especially applies to the venue, the food items that you have already tasted in your friend’s wedding, or the event photographer whom you should hire.

Opting for The Right Kind of Organizational Tools

The grooms and the brides who are looking to plan out their own DIY wedding need to stay on top of all the invoices, bills, and receipts. This is not an easy task. Hence, there are a certain number of online tools that help in ensuring that the bridge and groom can stay on top of these items.

Creating A Structured Schedule

It is a well-known fact that not everyone likes deadlines. However, setting a few structured deadlines will allows the DIY wedding planners achieve their objective. It is best to list down all the crucial items and ensure that each of them covered. This includes choosing the dress for the bride and groom, for the bridesmaids, booking caterers, venue, florists and a host of other necessary details.

Storage Spaces

For people who don’t have experience with a DIY wedding, it is very important to understand that a lot of space gets eaten up by work-in-progress supplies and crafts, and the complete finished products.  This arrangement will allow the planners to access the materials whenever they are required. Keeping the finished goods in big carton boxes is one of the best ways that people can follow for optimizing the storage space. Many people do not buy the excess storage spaces during diy wedding, but they just get them on rent. This utilizes the spaces actively and allows more members to get accommodated as per diy wedding.

Being Proactive About Conflicts and Challenges

Sometimes things can get overwhelming during a DIY wedding. The planners should not lose their cool and ensure that they are well prepared for any challenges that might occur during the course of the wedding.

  • The best way to handle the challenges that might come up during the course of a DIY wedding is to not be worried about perfection.
  • Most of the experts say that a perfection expectation usually induces a lot of stress in the entire planning process and makes people uncomfortable during the course of the wedding.

One of the biggest mistakes that couples do is to try and keep everyone happy. There is always a grumpy aunt who is not satisfied with the setting of the wedding. There is always one more aunt is not happy with the food that is served at the wedding.

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