In the current lifestyle, with more and more jobs demanding excessive office hours, it is necessary for individuals to get some form of exercise on a daily basis to stay fit and healthy. Exercise bikes provide an excellent alternative for people who do not want to or may not have the time to hit the gym.

There is a vast range of exercise bikes available in the market of various price ranges. You must do your research before investing in an exercise bike.

A few things to consider before you buy one are what features you want in your bike, what are your fitness goals, and how much you are willing to spend on the bike. There is no best exercise bike as such because each has its own set of features; it varies from person to person based on their needs as to which is the best fit for them.

Here we have summarized a few things to consider while you decide to buy the best exercise bike to suit your needs:

1. First, determine if you need it at all, or not:

If you frequently cycle to various places or are a regular member at your local gym, you might rethink before you decide to buy an exercise bike at all. However, if you don’t get the time to the gym often, it may be a good investment on your part

2. Select your goals before you select the equipment:

Yes, you read that right. You need to be clear of your health goals before you go about choosing a bike. Various types of bikes provide numerous health benefits. To summarize, a few different types of bikes with their uses are:

Upright Bikes – Low impact cardio

Indoor Cycling Bikes – For Event Training

Spin Bikes – Low impact but high-intensity exercise

Recumbent Bikes – Muscle workout without lower back strain, spinal posture improvement, Injury recovery.

3. Manual vs. Electric Bikes:

The name itself suggests the difference between the two types. While the manual model requires more physical labor to ride it, the electric one provides a few advantages over the former like an electronic display of various stats. There are slight differences in the prices of the two based on their features and usability.

4. A few essential features that SHOULD be present in your electric bike:

If you decide to choose an electric bike, whatever model of bikes you buy, there are a few indispensable features that you need to make sure are present to get the maximum out of your purchase. Firstly, the seat should be comfortable. If you have lower back problems, make sure you get a recumbent bike for that extra support. Alternately, another option is to change the seat on your preferred model separately, to suit your comforts. They should have adjustable handlebars and non-slip pedals. Also, a basic digital display is necessary to show your speed, time, distance, calories burned, and your heart rate, in order for you to monitor your progress.

5. Additional features you may consider:

Other than the basic features, there are a few extra features that you may want in your bike. For example, if you like listening to music while exercising, you may choose a bike with a built-in acoustic sound system. Also, you may choose a bike with a water bottle holder to keep your sipper, to sip on in between sets.

6. Maximum supported Weight and Resistance Features:

Depending on how much you weigh, another critical feature to look into is the maximum weight which the bike can comfortably support. Choose one that can support at least a good 10-20 kgs more than your weight. Also, bikes which provide adjustable resistance features are useful because they let you choose your workout intensity, based on which you can choose what works best for you, and increase gradually.

Exercise should be ultimately your own decision, therefore make sure you get your personal goals checked when you invest in an exercise bike. Based on your affordability and requirements, choose one that fulfills maximum of your needs, and preferably give it a test run before you buy the bike. Also, make sure you check their warranty and return period, and check for service centers nearby.

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