Boost Your Revenue as an E-Commerce Seller

If your existing e-commerce business has started to see a decline in sales volume, there are a few things that you can do to address the problem. A solid sales strategy geared towards an exclusively online marketplace will help you generate more sales, get positive reviews, and boost your revenue.

Expand Your Product Selection

Part of the reason why you may see fewer sales than you were hoping for is that people are simply more interested in other products. Do some research about products to sell online to learn more about what is most likely to attract interest. You can try to pick something that complements your existing product selection, or you can branch out into a totally new type of product.

Enhance Product Descriptions

One reason why buyers may opt to make purchases from another vendor’s storefront instead of yours is the quality of your product descriptions. If your listings lack some important information about a product, customers will feel uneasy about making a transaction. Be sure to think of everything that someone might want to know about a product. The main description needs to be thorough yet also somewhat concise so that people can take in the most important information about a product rather quickly. However, you need a conspicuous and intuitively accessible location in your listings where people can find more detailed information about a product.

Upgrade Photos

Having great product photos may be even more important than having a detailed description. Online shoppers want to be able to visualize what it’s like to have a product right in front of them, so your photos need to be so vivid that they practically leap off the screen. Ideally, you should show products from multiple angles because that helps people to picture holding it. It’s also a good idea to have some capability to zoom in on products so that people can see things in close detail. Lastly, you may wish to consider including a video of a product if possible. When people can see something in motion or in scale next to other objects or people, they have a better idea of what to expect from a product.

Set Your Pricing Competitively

Online shoppers have an easy time shopping around for a better deal. If your price points are too high, people will make purchases from someone with a better price. Check out what other vendors are selling comparable products for. If their prices are far below yours, you definitely need to reevaluate your current pricing structure.

Offer Sales or Promotional Prices

People feel good about purchases when they know that they’re getting a deal. In fact, some people just don’t want to pay full price on anything if they can avoid it. Think about ways that you can offer sale prices or promotions to entice customers. You might offer a fixed percentage off of an order, a flat discount on a particular item, or a sale based on quantity. Better pricing for larger purchases may incentivize people to buy more products from you.

Consider Making Your Return Process Easier

Typically, people can shop with more confidence when they can return something with ease. If you do not currently offer free return shipping, consider the logistics of how you might begin offering it. While this strategy may involve some extra expense, it may also generate more sales.

In order to amp up your e-commerce sales volume, you may have to be adaptive.  Being strategic about your product selection and doing what you can to be competitive with other vendors are both vital to your business’ ability to sustain success.

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