COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – After receiving the ball on a throw-in, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen would shortly collapse on the field in the 43rd minute, causing the EURO 2020 match between Denmark and Finland to be suspended due to medical emergency.

After stumbling forward and collapsing on the field, Danish medical trainers performed chest compressions and CPR in hopes to revive him. Danish players formed a shield around the fallen Eriksen, as trainers and staff worked feverishly.

With okay being halted by UEFA officials for more than half and hour, the match would resume after word and confirmation of Eriksen stabilizing and being alert. At both team’s request, the match resumed.

Finland, making their first-ever appearance in the European tournament struck for the lone score of the match on a goal by Joel Phojanpalo in the 60th minute for the Eagle-Owls.

While Denmark may have lost on their home pitch to their fellow Nordic neighbors, the health and recovery of their captain in Eriksen is the biggest win of all.


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