set up a home office for remote work

Working from home has seen widespread acceptance recently. Moreover, with a flexible work option being considered by many employers, having an office at home for remote work is good planning. The work environment should be set up in a way that allows you to work and with focus. Productivity will flourish in properly designed environments and most offices are built that way. But homes are made for relaxation and rest, hence any space cannot be used to work. You may be starting your own business or having to work remotely, below are some tips to set up a home office for remote work.

Dedicated space

Having a dedicated working space is so very important. One room where you can have your equipment and work-related documents kept safely. A home may have the larger family – spouse, kids, pets etc., and this may lead to distractions or even damage to the equipment. Imagine being on a call and the dog running in, crashing with the desk. Not that it hasn’t happened or can happen sometime. But what if it happens almost all the time – it can be quite a disturbance. This can hamper productivity.

Positioning the work desk

The work desk is going to be your main work area and its positioning must be done well. Make sure that a light source isn’t behind you, otherwise, you won’t be able to see your computer screen. You can set up the desk near a window so that the light is behind your computer. Plus having a view of the natural environment will be refreshing and will not affect your circadian rhythm.

Set up for the camera

For most people who work from home, attending video calls or meetings is normal. This is to ensure that we can see each other clearly and have some face-to-face discussions. So having a proper camera setup is important. The background and which way you want the camera to focus is to be decided. Some choose to have the camera focusing on their front face profile and some want it on their side face profile. The camera picks up the things you have in your workspace and you may want to mask personal items.

Comfortable furniture

Invest in a desk that matches your workflow and space. You will be spending a lot of time at your desk and you have to make sure it is comfortable. Buying a standing desk is a good option so you can sit or stand and yet continue working. The desk should help your productivity and the same should be expected from the chair you use. The ergonomic benefits of the furniture you pick must be relevant. Another furniture that you will need is storage options. You don’t need anything flashy, but something to organize your items well. If the work area is small, you can use a small computer desk with drawers. But if you have some space, then rethink how and where you want the storage drawers.


Good lighting and daylight simulating fixtures do improve productivity. Lots of natural light – windows to the south will ensure provide sufficient sunshine. Improper lighting or less light can cause drowsiness and fatigue. This is why most offices have bright light so that the human body can work and be productive. Proper illumination of a workplace makes it easy to read documents. You don’t need to place a light right next to your system – but you can keep indirect lighting.

Internet connection

These days, not a lot gets done without a good internet connection. A stable and fast net connection can be a lifeline for remote working. Try for 50Mbps as a minimum speed. The faster your net speed is, the better it is. When you are looking to set up a home office for remote work this is one important point to keep in mind.

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