An entrepreneurial spirit blesses the fair few, requiring a steely heart and an unparalleled drive that sometimes begs the question, whether one is crazy, all while still having an air of obvious and apparent cleverness.

While entrepreneurship typically requires a bit of a one-person-show mentality when first starting out, there are a number of tools at your disposal to help you feel less alone, scale easily, and remove much of the stress of starting a business.


Enter Titan Network.

This members-only organization of elite Amazon sellers who want to grow their business from a side hustle into a multi-million dollar business gives people the opportunity to focus on organized growth with a helping hand.

“The beauty of networking is that it can bring you to a community of like-minded individuals while also helping you scale the success of your business in a way that could never be done alone,” said Titan Network cofounder, Dan Ashburn. “That’s the mindset behind Titan Network, and it’s also what has brought about massive success for each of our members.”

What Makes Up the Titans

Titan Network gets its name from its actions — it is in fact a network of like-minded, six- to eight-figure earning entrepreneurs who see the value in Amazon selling.

“There are so many different ways to connect with people selling on Amazon, and we’re proud to bring people together through in-person and virtual events, as well as our robust network,” said Titan Network co-founder Athena Severi. “The entrepreneurs who make it past those are the ones who have an abundance mindset and are willing to help others and get help themselves.”

Ashburn calls Titan Network members ‘Titans’. These Titans have access to tools such as insider wisdom, sourcing and shipping best-kept secrets, training, workshops, mentor and leader masterclasses and mindset sessions, specialized seller software, and more. The idea is to foster growth for everyone involved. The Titan Network strives to provide real value to its members, unlike many alleged ‘growth groups’ that end up taking their members for everything they’ve got.

“Our global network of Titans is hands-down what we are the most proud to have built,” said Ashburn. “We know firsthand that having access to encouragement, resources, and trusted advice can make all the difference to those building a business, and that’s at the core of what Titan Network is all about.”

Dialing back to the software we mentioned earlier, it was created by the Titan Network specifically for Titans to give them an unfair advantage in the Amazon seller marketplace. The network also provides private seller insights that are inaccessible to non-members.

Everything offered by this system sets Titans up for success from the get go, leaving their small-time competitors in the dust. But anyone who wants to get a taste of this success can join in the fun, so don’t panic!


Kirsten Spliethof was an Amazon seller for three years before she joined Titan.

“Titan Network is made up of proven, knowledgeable Amazon sellers who are more than willing to help those of us who are struggling,” she said. “Any time I’ve had a question or needed advice, someone was there to help. I’m so glad I joined and would recommend it to any seller.”

As we hinted before, the Titan Network is the whole package. Titans have access to resources, masterclasses, in-person networking events, and a built-in culture and community. Each module of the network is in place to provide encouragement, inspiration, insight, and connectedness for new and seasoned Titans alike.

“I feel like I’m drinking from the fire hose due to the sheer volume of knowledge and training they’re pushing down the pipe daily, and I don’t know how they generate so much solid, actionable value so quickly,” said Mike Smiley, a Titan Network member. “It’s pure, refined, distilled stuff. If you were to try to hire just one of these masters, it would likely require an investment of at least $200K yearly, and that doesn’t even cover the lifelong friends you make, either.”

Tactical knowledge, branding brainstorms, inspection advice, sourcing tips, strategy sessions, community support, exclusive software discounts, all-star events, and the list of what the Titan Network has to offer goes on and on. In the end, what they really offer for their clients is business success.

About Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn is an industry-leading Amazon entrepreneur with a team that delivers 8-figures in annual sales. Having used his ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset to build countless brands, he has become a sought-after speaker, inspiring crowds with his leadership and depth of knowledge on stages across the world. Dan is the Head Mentor on China Magic, and most recently, the co-founder of Titan Network, an exclusive membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. For more information on Dan and Titan Network, please visit:



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