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Having a small studio apartment means you’re faced with a challenging task; transform one room into potentially three separate living spaces. To do so, you need to declutter your space, otherwise it will look overcrowded, and you won’t be able to move properly. Having a studio can actually be soothing, especially when you design it right. They can be stylish and contemporary as well as cosy and cute, the ultimate combination. 

Find inspiration for designing your studio apartment below in these top 5 tips. It may be that you want to transform the entire apartment completely, or perhaps you want to make some quick changes. Get ready to turn your tiny abode into a beautiful palace. 

Paint your walls

Paint your walls with plain colours

Adding other coloured carpets and walls can give the illusion of more space. If you don’t want to redo your flooring or you’re not sure about painting the walls, try adding some features. An area rug that has a homely pattern can add style and class to a once bare room. Anyone who is struggling to find inspiration for their minimalistic apartment may want to check out the recent developments by RW Invest. All of their buy to let rental properties boast white walls and hardwood flooring meaning tenants feel less claustrophobic in their studio flat. Using simple, plain colours can transform your apartment into something suitable to live in. 

Don’t clutter your room

More furniture could seem like a good idea when you’re buying it. However, if you overestimate the size of the room you’re furnishing, it could mean you end up with a lot of clutter. You should use all available space, including storage underneath the bed and other storage units, but don’t add too much that it gets overwhelming. Furniture can be huge, especially couches, beds, and tables, which is why you should thoroughly consider your decision before any choices are made. 

mirrored sliding doors

Use mirrored sliding doors

Adding mirrors around the apartment, including sliding doors, can create an optical illusion that your space is a lot bigger than it is. Mirrors can also brighten up space. If you have an area with a bed, adding mirrors will give you a space you love. Plus, if you’re a budding makeup artist, you can practice all your looks in the enormous mirrors. 

Arrange furniture

Arrange furniture to create distinct areas

Creating distinct areas of living space will give you the freedom to feel as though your apartment is a lot bigger than it is. Different areas of your studio apartment include; the kitchen, living area and bedroom. If you have a bigger than an ordinary studio apartment, you can potentially add a dining room to your apartment too. Allow furnishings to split up the distinct areas and give you more space to move around in your new home. Adding a table into your apartment can help to do this 

Make use of hidden cupboards

Hidden storage space is your best friend when you have a studio apartment, keeping things away out of your personal space. Fitted wardrobes and under bed storage will be handy if you want more living area, especially if you’re not sure on how big your apartment is. When purchasing new furnishings, ensure they have lots of storage space and will accommodate all your belongings. 

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