Besides being famed as the spiritual home of Islam and a climatically hot country, Saudi Arabia, is known to have several hidden gems and rich attractions that has been drawing people from all across the world. One such capital city of the Aseer province is named Abha, that offers authentic culture, tempting adventures, scenic landscapes, fertile mountains and breezy mild weather.

Even for those living in the Saudi Arabia, the province of Abha makes a great weekend spot to escape from the mundane routine. You can now book flights from Riyadh to Abha in just a few clicks and get ready to holiday. Make sure to tick off these must-dos when you’re there!

1. Take a cable car ride

To witness the unmissable view of nature from a height, ride a cable car and surf the clouds of the skies too. The Souda Mountain, Habala and the Green Mountain to Abha city are predominant locations from where your cable car rides can be booked and experienced.

2. Visit Asir National Park

Go hiking in and around the various parks inside the Asir National Park to be surrounded by scenic nature. Al Qara’a, Al Souda, Al Wardeh, Dalafan, Al Jarrah, and Al Hassab are a few must-visit parks you cannot miss. A bird lovers paradise and a pleasing attraction, the Juniper forests is home to over 170 bird species.

3. Explore the Shamsan castle

Located at the base of a mountain is the Shamsan Castle, an architectural marvel from the times of the Ottomans, sets a backdrop to take you back in time. Perfect for that Instagram holiday post, this monument holds several age old stone tools, granite in different sizes and shapes, and three defensive towers to peek out from.

4. Say hello to the Arabian Baboons

While driving along the mountainous roads, you can spot local baboons that are mostly scavenging for food. Although, they aren’t harmful or aggressive. Keep kids alert and empty handed, or the little baboons might try and snatch any food packets from the kids easily.

5. Experience Habala, The Hanging Village

Once only accessible by a ropeway, inhabited by the Ottomans in the past, the Habala village is a beautiful mountain village in the Abha Province. With numerous scenic points, new buildings, classy cafes old ruins etc. this village has modernized with time and can be accessed by a comfortable cable ride.

6. Don’t miss out Jabal Soudah

The highest peak in all of Saudi Arabia, the Soudah mountain is located in the Asir mountain ranges, offering some dramatic scenery and cool climate. Ride a cable car to reach the peaks and take in the gorgeous view of this city. Explore the wilderness around and enjoy a private picnic if time permits.

Besides these, Abha has so much more to offer in terms of food options, historic monuments, local markets/souqs and up-to-date shopping malls. A short break in Abha promises relaxation and loads of cherish-able memories that you will carry along on your flight from Abha to Riyadh or to any city that you call home.

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