Choosing a surf instructor is one of the most important decisions that any surfing beginner can make. An instructor can push you to the waves as many times as possible to ensure that you get the required experience and expertise for surfing.

For those looking to hire a surfing instructor, however, it can be confusing as there are so many out there who have branded themselves as the very best.

What then makes a superb surfing instructor? What should you look out for in a surfing instructor to determine who the right one is? Here are some of the important things to look out for in a surfing instructor.

Knowledge Of The Fundamentals

Surfing just like many other extreme sports is guided by some fundamental aspects. A superb surfing instructor should be knowledgeable about those fundamentals and be able to pass on the knowledge to their students.

To tell if the instructor is knowledgeable about the fundamentals, there are several things to look out for. For instance, you should ask them about the forecasts of the tides in the area.

They should also know about the lay of the land in the area and especially around the surf region. The instructor should be able to pass on knowledge on perfect timing of the waves and positioning to catch them with ease.

A good instructor, therefore, is not only one that can get you on the board quickly but one that can teach you all you need to know to understand how you should surf.


Another quality of a superb Zack Howard Surf instructor is their ability to teach how to surf safely. The instructor should show the use of safety equipment themselves before they can advise others on it.

They should also be able to advise on how to catch waves safely and how to avoid collision with other surfers. There is a lot that could go wrong when the surfer is in motion. Therefore, safety should be a priority of the surfing instructor.


Experience is a good quality for the instructor to have. They should be experienced in different types of surfing, using different boards, surfing harsh and also calm waters. With experience on all these issues, the instructor is, therefore, able to offer very good surfing advice on the different surfing conditions that the surfers may experience.

Outgoing Personality

For most people, a personal instructor should be one with an outgoing personality. The personality of the instructor should be one that makes the surfer calm and feels well taken care of.

They should not be short-tempered but should have patience with the learners and treat them with respect. They should communicate with ease and calmly even when the surfer is not doing their best.

Availability Of A Variety Of Lessons

To learn how to surf properly, it is essential that the surfer mixes with other surfers so that they can learn from them also through observation and tips from other beginners. A good instructor can offer private lessons, semi-private and even group lessons.

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