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Top 5 Snubs for the 2017 Pro Bowl

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It’s debate time! The conversation that comes every year. How in the world are the names, I am going to mention, not in the Pro Bowl? There are those who deserve to go every season but are somehow left out for other players who some fans don’t believe to be as deserving. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that the players that are in the Pro Bowl are not high-caliber players with elite NFL talent at their positions. The names mentioned below are ranked 1 to 5. One being the player that is most surprising and five being surprising but not a complete shock.

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  • Drew Brees, QB – New Orleans Saints:  Now I understand that Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Dak Prescott have all had stellar seasons. But I just can’t figure out how Brees didn’t make it. He could easily eclipse 5,000 yards passing again this season, building on his NFL record currently at 4. Also, he set an NFL record for most consecutive seasons with 4,000 yards passing (8) this year, which is remarkable. Brees is currently ranked 1st in passing touchdowns and 1st in passing yards through week 15. So with him being first in two of the major categories that determine who does and doesn’t make the pro bowl, how was he left out!? Brees struggled during weeks 13 and 14, which is probably what lead to him being snubbed. But to not have the player, who has the most passing yards and touchdowns this season in the Pro Bowl is just ridiculous! Prescott had an incredible season for being a rookie, but Brees should have been in.


  • Jordy Nelson, WR – Green Bay Packers: This one here is also very frustrating simply because Nelson was left out for Larry Fitzgerald! How can this happen? Nelson came back this year from a torn ACL in 2015, which had some experts thinking he would not put up near the numbers from seasons prior. If you look at the impact that Nelson had on games, you will see those experts missed big on this one. Nelson is 8th in the NFL in receiving yards, which is pretty darn good for his first season back. The real stat that makes this so frustrating is he’s first in the NFL for receiving touchdowns! FIRST!! More than Julio, AB, and Beckham! Fitzgerald is 17th in receiving yards and tied for 26th in touchdowns so what am I missing? Fitzgerald is an outstanding player, no argument there. But to leave out Jordy Nelson, for a player with those numbers is absolutely mind-blowing.


  • Jimmy Graham, TE – Seattle Seahawks: Graham hasn’t been the guy we remember seeing dominate in New Orleans ever since he joined the Seahawks. But here is a player that was snubbed for Jordan Reed. Sure, Reed was hurt and missed some time which would’ve helped his numbers. But the fact is, Graham had 170 more yards than Reed on 9 fewer receptions. They both had 5 receiving touchdowns and that has them tied for 5th. Graham has a real chance of breaking the 1,000 receiving yard mark for the third time in his career. Where Reed may break 800 receiving yards. I just really think that Graham should’ve been in over Reed based off of numbers.


  • Zach Brown, ILB – Buffalo Bills: Some of you may be saying “who?”. But how is Brown left out for Hightower out of New England? Brown had 130 combined tackles, 4 sacks, and 1 interception. Hightower had 64 combined tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 0 interceptions. Brown is ranked 3rd in tackles and 2nd in sacks for inside linebackers so how can Hightower, with 66 fewer tackles, surpass Brown for a Pro Bowl spot? There is no excuse for this and no argument for Hightower to be in over Brown. Period.


  • Benardrick McKinney, ILB – Houston Texans: I’m not going to go after Hightower again when it comes to who McKinney should have been picked over. I’m going to say, C.J. Mosley. McKinney leads inside linebackers in sacks with 5, where Mosley has none. Mosley is one of the best linebackers, in regards to pass coverage, but he is still 42nd in combined tackles and McKinney is 8th! I think there is some argument for Mosley since he has 7 pass deflections and 3 interceptions and McKinney has none in both categories. That all being said, McKinney was a key factor behind why the Texans defense has played so well without their star JJ Watt and should be in the Pro Bowl over Mosley.

Basically, there are multiple players that were snubbed and don’t make sense to a lot of us as fans. This will be a topic of conversation for as long as there is a Pro Bowl. Players that made it are still incredibly talented and have reasons behind why they’re in. But the names I’ve mentioned and why they were left out will remain a mystery to me.


Nicholas Poalson

Dec. 21st, 2016

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