Top 5 things to do in Lucknow

“The city of Nawabs”, Lucknow is one of the most famous cities in India. The indubitable past, cultural base and gladdening behavior of the people of Lucknow are what that make this place completely unique and demanded. The Lukhnawi shayari or poetry, religious practice, fine art and the gracious and courteous Nawabi culture are one of its kinds and absolutely bound to Lucknow. One must unquestionably visit to these places, whilst in the city.

  • Enter the Bhul Bhulaiya at Bara Imambara:

Bara Imambara is one of the most splendid edifices that one would find anywhere else in the country. The majestic building is built in accordance to Mughal architecture and decorated in an absolute sumptuous and elaborate manner. You might have known buildings with roofs made of stones or bricks, but to the wonder, none of these have been used as the roofing material for this particular building! That’s true; the covering layout of Bara Imambara is rice husk. The maze created in this building named as Bhul Bhulaiya, is evidently so far the only maze in the country. No doubt this place tops the list of most famous places in Lucknow.

  • Admire the architectural marvel at Chota Imambara:

The ceremonial building was built as a congregation hall for Shia Muslims. This building complex happens to contain tomb of Muhammad Ali Shah, his mother, daughter and others in the family. A mini-replica of Taj Mahal, this place is better known as The Palace of Lights. The walls of this structure have been engraved with the verses from the Quran. Within the boundary lie Satkhanda, this serves as an observatory, Husainabad mosque and an architectural symmetry of the main building namely the treasury.

  • Get close to wildlife at Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden:

The Lucknow Zoological Garden is amongst the index of the largest and oldest zoological parks in India. The zoo serves a home to uncountable species of mammals, birds and reptiles, some of which are marked endangered. The royal Bengal tiger, lion, Himalayan black bear, red panda, zebra, giraffe, pheasants, hornbills, parrots of different varieties and many more dwell in here. A number of breeding programs are being run in order to protect and increase the population of the endangered species, as a step towards conservation of wildlife, is being carried out successfully in here. Not just the animals, there are amazing options to have fun and frolic too.

  • The 1857 memorial museum:

Serving as a critical nodal point during the Revolt of 1857, which was the first war for independence in the country, Lucknow was quite the center of heat. To commemorate the significance of Lucknow in the war, a museum was built. The museum has a huge map of British India, photographs of famous personalities in modern history, Nawabs and other British officials, administrative records, letters marking important events, paintings, weaponry, artifacts, etc. A marvelous collection of the history of India, this place is a must visit.

  • Treat your stomach at Bawarchi Tola:

Do you have an empty and hungry stomach after roaming through the city all through the day? Then, Lucknow knows well how to satisfy your hunger and taste buds. The Awadhi and Lukhnawi food with all its authenticity preserved can be found at BawarchiTola. A heaven for the food lovers, the dishes have an amazing blend of spices that will leave an impression of your mind and soul even after you leave Lucknow. A vast range of menu, you might run out of space in your stomach but never out of the dishes served here.

Lucknow is a place worth visiting and you will never regret your decision. Create your own memory and check out NerdsTravel for more details about this magnificent city.

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