A Guide on Crate Training your Puppy in 2019

Crate Training can be a very effective way towards having and grooming a civilized dog. It is really a very important way for new puppy owners to ensure that some rules and regulations do get followed inside your house. And if you are really getting a difficult time house training your dog or stopping your puppy from peeing and pooping inside the home, i would highly advice you to crate train your dog.

What’s the Crate Philosophy

Dogs are naturally den animals and they treat den as a safe place where they eat, sleep and rest with their family. With just a little push, your dog will start treating crate as his den and will chose to sleep there on his own. Just use some toys and place them in his crate to attract him in the beginning.

Is Crate Training Useful?

There has been a long debate among dog owners around the world on whether crate training does provide any good use to a dog’s lifestyle or its better to sleep with your dog ? . In my Opinion providing your puppy a personal space is very important for his personality development.

Just like human beings also need personal space, dogs need them just like us.

Your puppy will treat the crate as his den and he would never want to pee in the place where he resides. So you can be sure of that. Also, crate training helps in potty training your puppy.

Just take care to take your puppy outside for regular walks atleast twice a day. Training your Dog does take some time so be patient.

Kinds of Dog Crates

There are several types of dog crates a dog owner can choose from for their beloved pets.

Two kinds of Crates are Metal and Plastic Crates:-

Plastic Crates

Plastic Crates

Not a lot of people choose plastic crates as there is no visibility but its a great choice for those who travel quite often with their furry friends. Airlines prefer this kind of crates. Also great option if you have a house full of a lot of activity or small kids or if your puppy needs added security.

Metal Crates

Metal Crates

Metal Crates are widely used crates due to reasons that they can be transported easily by disassembling. Also, when used for your dogs, they provide high level of visibility and ventilation.

They can be cleaned easily. Biggest advantage with them is the fact that they can be divided and decreased in size according to the size of your dog. So, you can use one crate for years.

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