Not just a long time ago, businesses started running virtual call center software to meet the ever-increasing demand for live customer support. There are plenty of them available on the web but choosing one as per your business requirements can be a tough call. But how are you supposed to shortlist the best virtual call center software solutions according to your customers’ specified demands?

Here are some considerations you should not overlook while framing the best live/virtual call software solution for your business:

Is It A Real-Time Solution?

In this digital era where time is the new money and essence, old customer support tools such as contact numbers, emails, and other phone services add to customers’ frustration.

For example, when a customer calls in for support, they are first navigated through multiple options. Then, they are forced to wait until one of the representatives pick up their call. When they finally get the executive on call, the noises, distortions and background disturbance do not let the customer explain their problem.

Email is yet another effective solution but nobody waits for one whole day to get an answer. Because of all the hindrances, businesses started developing their faith in virtual call center software as the customer only has to press a button and start talking. But before considering one, see if it offers real-time communication with your customers.

Is It Proactive?

If you compare two virtual call tools- one waiting for the customer’s query and the other one sending an automated message for more engagement, the second one is preferred by most of the businesses.

Your virtual call center software solution must have the feature to display a proactive window on the web page just 90-120 seconds after the customers visit your site.

Effective virtual call center software integrates tools and CRM-like channels. This allows businesses to maximize their opportunities. 

Is It Going to Fulfill Your Company Goals?

Virtual call center software has turned the tables. At least 63% of people return to the website if they have virtual call center software for customer support

Website visitors need real-time immediate response along with personal support and interaction. Even if the representative does not have adequate knowledge about the customer’s inquiry, he can connect the customer with the other representative. Hence, improving customer experience. 

Does It Allow Integration with Third-Party Software Tools?

The best virtual call center software tools do not offer high-end functionality on their own. Instead, they improve the overall quality of customer-brand communication by integrating with other web services and channels.

Modern live assistance tools that businesses look for merge with multiple third-party software like CMS and CRM tools. You can include the virtual call button into your email so that clients could start a call with your customer executives right away. It is just putting social media buttons on your email.

Overall Thoughts

Virtual call center software is a best practice when it comes to improving customer experience. Implement the software to fulfill your business goals and requirements. 

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