hookup into a beautiful relationship

Hookups are a part of the common culture, especially for the millennials. You have friends with benefits or a no strings attached relationship, but you have got the feelings? You still have passionate encounters and the sex is mind blowing, but you want more of it. You can turn a hookup into a beautiful relationship. It may not be the most ideal situation to fall in love with your hookup partner. So, it is time to call quits when there are feelings doesn’t have to happen. Relationships that begin with a spark or sexual attraction aren’t necessarily meant for short term. Couples who are only sexually involved versus those who dated seriously can also have happily ever afters. Here are five tips you can use to convert a hookup into a beautiful relationship.

  1. Make it evident that you aren’t interested in hooking up with another person

Usually people in a hookup scenario aren’t exclusive with each other. They are free to see and have sex with other people. Both or either of you may also be into other things such as free sugar momma dating sites or into cougar dating. When you develop feelings for the other, show him or her that you are not interested in anyone else or sleeping with anyone apart from the current partner. Lay it out clearly that you are exclusive with only them and don’t want to hookup with anyone else. This will let them rethink if they want the same with you and what they feel about you.

  1. Introduce and meet each other’s friends

Introduce him or her to your own friends, so he/she can get to a know a little more about you on a personal level. Meeting friends is a great way to show your interest so ask to meet his or her friends too. If he or she agrees then you mean more to them as they are willing to introduce you to their friends. People generally don’t introduce friends and family with those they aren’t serious about. So, a positive step in this direction is a good indicator that your partner may be interested.

  1. Spend time outside of the bedroom too and unplug and connect

Sex is of prime importance when you are in a no strings relationship. And in a way its good that you have great chemistry and satisfy each other. But if you want something long term do think about doing things outside of the bedroom. Go for movies, dinners or just hang out on the couch. Try to do things that people who are dating do. Don’t stick to social media when you are together or be surfing top naughty sites online. That helps in the sex life sure, but here you need to connect in real life outside of sex too. Talking to each other helps a lot in getting to know the other person well and developing a stronger bond.

  1. Don’t be clingy and show you care

When you are approaching this, be careful and don’t try to be too clingy. Remember that you are still in the hookup phase and the other person has no idea about your feelings. In such a case trying to be clingy could be too overwhelming for the other person. If you do this, the person will run in the other direction and chances of a long-term relationship will reduce significantly. You may want to spend more time but doing too much too soon can be disastrous.

  1. Ensure it isn’t just sexual chemistry, be authentic and be autonomous

A physical connection is good but consistently hooking up for sex and thinking long term isn’t helpful. You need to be sure that its more than just sex for both of you. Sex is key but not everything in a relationship. Most importantly be yourself. In trying to make the it a real relationship don’t fake it to be someone else. This isn’t too good in the long run. Don’t remove the filter and tell them everything at one go. You can show them who you really are – like may be a bookworm or a history buff. That helps. Be independent and don’t completely depend on the partner. This is necessary in case things don’t turn out the way you want them to.


For some, a long-term relationship may start with casual hook-ups, but with time as you understand each other and spend time with each other, you may realise that there is more. And once this realisation happens then there is no holding back. So, why not try to convert a hookup into a beautiful relationship and more?

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