Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are caused by the overreaction of chemicals in the human body and brain. Everyday stress is one of the common causes. You may have set deadlines for your projects at the start of the day. But you may not be able to achieve your goals at the end of the day, thanks to brands such as Thought Nova, approaching what causes depression and anxiety could be helpful. The gap between your expectations and your performance can cause depression.

Anxiety is born out of depression because you don’t know what tomorrow has in store. You can neither relax nor focus on your work and life. There are many healing methods for reducing the two negative factors. One among them is the Luraco i7 massage chair which could give you relief from depression and anxiety in the long run. 

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Sometimes it is impossible to know you are suffering from depression. It is because there are no tools to measure their type and intensity. You may feel it is just a lapse in your mood and it will go away. But the feeling of self-pity, sadness, loss of appetite and sleep, consistent feeling of fatigue may continue to affect you physically and psychologically.

Anxiety keeps you restless. You can’t focus on your everyday life, you start resenting others. Your mind is filled with feelings of restlessness, irritation, and discontentment (RID) about life. What are the Remedies?

Tip-Number One – Accept Life As it is 

It is a highly difficult task, but you have to do it for staying calm and composed. There are many instances when the RID has pushed people into addictions. They find immediate relief from depression and anxiety when in a state of high. But soon the body and mind get addicted to the substance to stay out of the fear zone.

Tip-Number Two –Find a Psychologist 

A psychologist can heal your depression and anxiety syndrome to a considerable level. He may suggest psychotherapy or anti-depressants keep you calm and composed. Psychotherapy is known to be effective, while anti-depressants can have many negative side effects like addiction, nausea, fear, and others. 

Tip-Number Three – Try Yoga and Meditation

Yoga can reduce the physical symptoms of depression like insomnia, fatigue, appetite loss, and body pain. Meditation can heal most of the psychological symptoms like self-pity, RID, anxiety, etc. You will learn to live in the present rather than worrying about the unknown future. 

Tip-Number Four – Change Your Job 

Repetitive tasks in the job and monotonous life can cause depression. It can also result in a loss of motivation. You may not be able to visualize your life after a certain age, because there are no higher goals in life. Your job is 9 to 5 and six days a week. Changing your job or location may help you to get out of depression and anxiety. 

Tip-Number Five – Get a Massage Chair

It is supposed to be the easiest way out of depression and anxiety. The process is simple and easy. You just have to sit on the chair, tie some fasteners over your body, activate the motor, close your eyes and relax. The system takes care of the rest. 

The mechanism of a massage chair can apply air/hydraulic pressure, generate warmth, and generate vibrations. When these waves pass through your muscles and joints, the accumulated stress and fatigue get eliminated from your body. 

Massaging the lower back and spine can activate the Para-spinal muscles, central nervous system, and the veins that reach the brain. These waves can calm down the brain and deactivate the negative vibrations generated by the neurotransmitters.  Gradually, but surely you may get relief from depression and anxiety. 


You may try any of the tips I have suggested above. A massage chair is a recommended remedy which is simple and easy. There are many types of massage chairs like the Luraco i7 massage chair which you can try. 




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