Have you ever wondered how huge enterprises are so confident about releasing a new product successfully? Well, they invest in usability testing to ensure that their software app has high usability. They believe in investing in a reliable usability testing company to remain on the right track. Skilled and experienced testers make sure that their application is easy to use and provides the best possible experience to its users. After all, an organization has a single change with a new product in the market, and it needs to adhere to all the quality assurance factors. 

In order to remain ahead of competitors and release a quality product, organizations rely on the user and usability testing. Real users test an application and share their experiences where the app failed to perform certain tasks, or if it performs as per expectations. Let’s have a look at the best practices for these testing types that are used by agile QA teams working for a usability testing company:

Develop Appropriate Questions

Performing user/usability testing is not only about finding out if a user likes the product or not, and why. There is much more involved in the testing process, that could point to issues in an application. So make sure that you develop appropriate and unbiased questions. In order to gauge the value of a product that you are about to launch, and also to identify which areas are most favorite/least favorite and whether the product has major pain points. It is important to keep all these factors in mind before preparing questions for user testing. 

Set A Sample Size

Since all project sizes are different, so is their sample size too. A few teams stick to five users at a time, as it is enough to begin to observe a pattern to their responses without overdoing it. It is necessary to ensure a medium range of user testing so that all potential problems in your app can be uncovered. 

When you hire a software testing company, make sure that you also consider the type of testing that you plan on performing. In order to make usability testing work, you will need approximately 20 users for testing processes like A/B testing. In case, your business has different audience segments, then it is more likely that you need to get a larger group to get the right representation of each segment.

 Run An Initial Test

Before hiring a software testing partner, make sure you run an initial test. It does not need to have many users, it can include your colleagues, developers, testers, or friends, to provide you a wide sample range and determine where your application stands. 

It helps in addressing issues prior to investing in a proper usability testing project. It can be a more cost-effective solution and save your time, if you want to launch your app in the most ideal way possible. It can also help in refining the questions that you had planned to ask from the users. 

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