Do you know that an average American spends more than $1800 a year on buying clothes? That’s about $150 a month! This means you are spending almost 2% of your budget!

However, if you are thinking that you shouldn’t buy more clothes but the truth is that clothes get outdated and worn out quickly! While you will still need to buy new clothes for some special occasions or for work! In this article, you are going to read about shopping tip that can surely save you bucks! You can even shop from cheap wholesale bazaar to get cheap clothes for your whole family!

Sell What You Don’t Wear: If you are fed up with your old clothes, sell it if you don’t wear it anymore! You can wrap it in a box and drop it off at a consignment shop. When the shop sells your clothes then they’ll pay you the profit! Consignment is great especially for higher-end items like leather jackets and lightly used party dresses.

Don’t forget to clean and press the clothes before giving them to bring the maximum appeal! If you don’t have any consignment shops in your area then you can consider online stores such as ThreadUp, The RealReal and many more!

Shop from Thrift Stores: Thrift stores are the stores that sell second-hand clothes at huge discounts! Some of the thrift stores offer regular sales or a weekly sale! Make sure to buy it from an original thrift shop and not from a vintage clothing store. The difference between both is that vintage store sells trendier older pieces while thrift store sells older as well as new clothes!

Grab Coupons Online: If you are shopping from online stores then avoid paying full retail for anything. Try and find coupons for the particular site that you are shopping from! Moreover, if you are ordering something from your smartphone, there are many coupons and cashback apps for your smartphone which can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars! You can download cashback and coupons apps like Ebates, Swagbucks, Ibotta, TopCashback, and many more!

Buy at the Right Time: Try and buy clothes at the right time and you’ll end up saving hundreds! If you are buying clothes for your kids then the best time is to buy in January and August.

You can even shop children clothing from wholesale! Moreover, there are certain days of the week that might be best for specific apparel types. In simple words, you should buy clothes during the off-season to get better deals than buying it when they are trending!

Take Proper Care of your Clothes: Take proper care of your clothes by washing it on the gentle cycle in cool water and line-dry them! This way it’ll last longer than usual! Store them in vacuum storage bags or in canvas containers and mothballs! If you think some pieces are delicate then washes them with hands!

Repurpose Old Clothes: If you like to experiment with clothes and are good at it then you can transform your old clothes into something new using a pair of scissors and needles! you can get ideas by watching hundreds of videos, guides, and tutorials that are available on the internet.

Get Creative with your Current Wardrobe: Do you know that you can use your scarf in 23 different ways and could tie it in 100 different styles? Similarly, there are many accessories in the wardrobe that you use in different ways! This will save your money and time in shopping for new pieces for yourself.

Borrow What You Only Need To Wear Once: This is the biggest mistake that people often make! People often buy expensive clothes and just wears it once or twice! If you are going to wear the clothes once or twice then don’t buy them instead you can rent them.

This will not only save space in your closet but will also save your pocket as well! This is a better and smart choice as well!

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