“I know what women want. They want to be beautiful,” said Valentino Garavani, and we know that’s exactly what you want as well. After all, the season will be filled with vacations and selfies and, of course, you want to show off your best self when you post those photos of your epic vacation on Facebook or Instagram.

Top Must-Have Outfits For Spring

Fashion used to be so decade definitive that every decade, every gorgeous girl had a look, a get up or a color scheme for which they’re known for. Lately, fashion has morphed. While it’s not easy to spot the trends for Spring outfit ideas, it’s harder to find the looks that fit you exactly. We cannot give you your identity but, we’ve list down the fashion trends for you to try out for yourself:

1. Robes and kimonos. This season, these pieces of clothing will see a lot of time out in the open. No longer are these pieces meant for closed doors or your bathroom door anymore. Feel cozy and worth like a million dollars in silk kimonos minimally and tastefully styled like a Japanese work of art. For inspiration, take a peek at what transpired on the Diane von Furstenberg show. See the cream kimono accentuated with a floral print by the hems. These two pieces can be easily worn as an overcoat, like in the Miu Miu show or, as a bikini topper when you’re out having fun in the sun.

2. Very feminine floral dresses. How much more feminine can your usual floral spring dresses get than with constructed layers and fringes that come with soft, cool garments? This Spring, that is exactly what you should be wearing and more!

Veer away from the usual all flowered up maxi dresses and skirts. Find inspiration on the runway presentation of Dolce and Gabbana. Feel free to wear your florals with intricately designed lace accents and floral-embroidered pieces that will simply blow your artistic mind off.

3. Ethereal tops and full-length dresses. Feel like being the goddess of the season in soft, white and cream materials. It must be unlike any spring or summer fashion statement that you’ve tried before but, isn’t that exactly what fashion is all about. Take the hip up to an ethereal degree as you take inspiration from Rodarte’s cream-colored pants paired with laced crop tops and metallic floral details.

Stay edgy in a new light, clad in a white, high-low dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a white pair of calf-high boots. Be easy, cool and striking all at the same time. Wield that power of attraction and work your way into any crowd with confidence — and, you didn’t even need to show off an unnecessary amount of skin.

4. Bohemian outfits. Wear your spirits on your sleeves, stay carefree and be raw. Get inspired by the flower power and gypsy look of the 70s. You can get wrong with this Spring outfit idea. It’s a classic, perfect for your Coachella-themed party and just as perfect for next epic road trip.

Take your next Boho outfit to a more luxurious level with more inspiring prints and artistry. Don’t forget to give your soles and your hair a Boheme makeover to complete the look. Get inspired by the Bohemian designs from Roberto Cavalli.

5. Full length dresses and jumpsuit pants in metallic fabric. Love what Elie Saab did to this rather unconventional Spring/Summer look. These aren’t made of your usual metallic golds and silvers either. The designer used metallic fabrics in breathtaking pastel shades of sky blue, sea green, and peaches. The pieces were also seen in electric pleated dark blues and bright reds, and in prints filled with stars. Without a doubt, these pieces will make you an instant attention magnet, so make sure that your skin is just as adorable of a sight to see when you do. Get ready to show off magnificent leg skin too.

Conclusion: Style cannot be bought. It is what you make of yourself. It defines how you want to brand yourself, and it doesn’t come easy to figure out who you really are and who you want to be known for. Picking out the latest, most trending fashion statements will never be enough to make you stylish. There are just some things that money can’t buy, and your personality isn’t one of them so, keep your chin up because confidence will make you rock any outfit in your closet.

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