Pairing passion for travel and modeling, with love for scuba diving as an instructor, fashion model and beauty/fashion influencer Mena Garcia. now specializes in underwater modeling and has been around the globe. As an image consultant, she is a color specialist with a focus on analysis.

Mena says, “As an image consultant and a fashion and beauty influencer, I help people get to their 10 and be confident in their own skin. I teach them all the tricks I learned as a makeup artist, image consultant, and model, living in so many different places in the world. I also help people who are struggling with a difficult time in their lives, and via my services, make them feel good again.”

Mena is currently working on developing her own clothing and makeup brands, all sustainable, vegan and cruelty free.

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More about Mena,
After high school Mena moved to NYC, where she studied acting for 1 year and started fashion modeling. Then she moved to Los Angeles where she continued to work as a model, then to Mumbai and London. In London, she trained as an Image Consultant at the prestigious London Image Institute. Mena always studied while she modeled, and is completing her uni degree in Fashion Production.

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