With the trade deadline a week away, there are several of them floating around. One, in particular, involves San Francisco 49ers, WR Torrey Smith. According to reports, several teams have contacted the 49ers referencing the talented WR. Here we take a look at 5 of the best landing places for the underused and talented WR.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are looking for a WR that will stretch the field. This is something that they have not had since Chip Kelly released DeSean Jackson. They tried with Jeremy Maclin and drafted Jordan Matthews. Neither of which have gained the respect of defense in the NFL that DeSean Jackson has.

This would be a prime spot for Torrey Smith. The Eagles have a great, young coaching staff to go along with, what looks like, an up and coming young stud at QB. Depending on the price, this would make the Eagles very strong on the offensive side of the ball. It would be a great trade and make a ton of sense for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Seattle Seahawks

Yes, I know that the Seahawks have Doug Baldwin. But aside from him what to do they have. They do not have any other big name receiver. Baldwin is a very solid route runner and can stretch certain defenses. However, if a defense has a strong secondary, Baldwin has trouble getting behind it.

Smith would take that pressure away from Baldwin and allow him to work underneath.This is where Baldwin is more suited. It allows him to work in the slot and against weaker corners. It also gives him a chance for YAC yards. This also makes sense in giving QB Russell Wilson another solid target to get the ball to.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are always looking at many ways to improve their WRs. This would be a great way. Torrey Smith would just add to the potent pass attack that Brady has at his hands. Instead of having to run crossing routes and seams with small WRs and TEs, Smith would give them a deep weapon. This is a weapon that they have not had since Randy Moss was a member of the Patriots.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are looking for any way to better their wide receiving group. The have tried drafting and free agents to no avail. Torrey Smith would give QB Case Keenum or Jared Goff a legit target. They try and try to get Tavon Austin involved but it just not seems to happen. If given another weapon maybe they might be able to use Austin a little bit better. If the Rams want to be a better offense, they will give Smith a look.

Baltimore Ravens

What better than a reunion. Torrey Smith would give QB Joe Flacco a reliable target. He would help take the load off of Mike Wallace. That is something that Kamar Aiken has not been able to do this season. He has disappeared. Steve Smith Sr. is showing his age with the injury bug. This move would make total sense for the Ravens and Smith.

Torrey Smith would be a great addition to any of these teams. If the rumors are true, and we will soon see if they are, then Smith may soon have a new team. He is a talented WR that is very much underused. I think it may be time for someone to give him a chance.