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Starting off the roundup for transfer news, football teams Arsenal and Atletico Madrid have indicated a potential interest in Emi Buendia. 

Currently playing for the recently promoted team of Norwich, Buendia has reportedly gained a list of potential new teams to play for through the transfer window, however he still shows signs of uncertainty whether there will be any solid offers in due course.

Turning a losing streak into a winning one with Arsenal winning against Wolves, Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs to initiate any kind of interest, though a definitive move is yet to be decided.

Ronaldo misses out on Real Madrid

As reports start flying around ready for the transfer window, Real Madrid has made it clear that globally known superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not be signed back to Real Madrid.  

Leaving Real Madrid in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo has subsequently played for Juventus but has so far seen no offers put on the table for this year’s summer transfer window. 

Also making the news for the team, defender Sergio Ramos also looks to become a free agent in a short space of time with no contracts currently lined up.

Due to statements made by Perez regarding a dire financial situation, the summer transfer window looks very muggy for the established Spanish team.

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Tottenham make moves for Nagelsmann

Shadowing much of the recent transfer news in the football world, Tottenham Hotspur have made multiple headlines as they made the bold move to sack their now ex manager Mourinho.

Making RB Leipzig manager Julian Nagelsmann their top candidate to replace Jose Mourinho, the German manager could cost in excess of £10 million to come across through release fees from his current allocation. 

Coming seventh in the Premier League, the manager of the past year and a half clearly didn’t do enough and has now been shown the door, to the delight of many fans across the nation.

The team recently signed Bale, which also brought more news to light as it appeared Mourinho didn’t want him. It was all down to Daniel Levy.

Mourinho has since stated that he does not require a break or rest from the management side, saying he is ‘always in football’.

Chelsea set their sights on Sule

Bayern Munich defender Niklas Sule has grabbed the attention of English team Chelsea as they plan to put in a bid for the German player.

Thomas Tuchel certainly looks to strengthen the lines of gameplay with this move, with previous interest seen when Frank Lampard came up against the Germans during his time playing for Stamford Bridge.

In other news, Inter have reportedly made it clear they intend to complete their signing of Chelsea left-back Emerson Palmieri during the summer transfer window.

Making just two appearances during the 2020/2021 season with Chelsea, Antonio Conte desires to work with the Italian national again, following their previous encounter when Emerson came to Stamford Bridge in 2018.

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