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The city of Barcelona in the heart of Catalonia attracts many visitors every year. And for a good reason: Barcelona offers a variety of things to do and see in the city. Here you will find numerous attractions, culture, beach, parks and green areas, cute little streets, impressive buildings and architecture and much more. There is something for everyone under these endless possibilities.

But this incredible range of activities and attractions can also make one or the other despair, because if you do not intend to stay forever in Barcelona, ​​you have to weigh and decide what you really want to see and what not. To make this decision a little easier, we picked out 6 fantastic Barcelona tips – things to do in the city.

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1- Follow in the footsteps of Antoni Gaudí

Gaudí’s works are unique and more than worth seeing. Starting with his most famous work, Sagrada Familia, which is also considered the symbol of Barcelona, ​​the impressively constructed houses Casa Mila and Casa Battló and finally Park Güell, which resembles a fairytale landscape with its shapes and colors. 

You should take a good look at these works. Escape and allow enough time to follow in Gaudí’s footsteps.

2- Visit Camp Nou including Barca game

Camp Nou alone is worth a visit. A tour of the huge stadium will make you feel like a real football player. 

In addition to a walk on the bleachers you can even go into the players changing rooms and enter the lawn. The whole thing is still to top, if you look at the stadium live a game of FC Barcelona. This is an event that really everyone should experience once. 

But even if not – football fans will be captivated by the incredible atmosphere within minutes. The Catalans are body and soul about football and that you can see, hear and above all, feel it. If you want to top it all off, you’ll be watching a match against Madrid – just pure madness!

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3- Lost in the streets

Barrio Gótico does not always have to be the main attraction that you should see in Barcelona. Take the time to get lost in the small streets of the old town. In the districts of El Born and El Gotico you will find numerous narrow, winding streets and idyllic places to relax. 

There is a very special, relaxed and medieval flair and there are many small boutiques and authentic restaurants. You will always find great new little streets, squares, shops and colorful flowers balconies.

4- Try chocolate and churros

In Barcelona you should definitely eat churros. It is a biscuit made of brandy, which is baked in hot fat and then sprinkled with sugar. 

This Spanish specialty can be found in every corner of Barcelona, ​​especially at small stalls specializing in this delicacy, called churrerías. Particularly delicious is the pastry in combination with hot chocolate, in which you can immerse them. A true calorie bomb, but that’s definitely worth it!

5- Tibidabo at sunset

One of the two local mountains of Barcelona, ​Tibidabo, is one of the main attractions. Here you will find a breathtaking view over the city, an amusement park, a viewing platform and a church. 

While you have a great view of the whole Barcelona during the day, you should wait and see until evening. When the sun goes down, in addition to the view, you also have a wonderful light in which the city romantically shimmers! You should definitely wait until it is completely dark, because a view of Barcelona at night with all the little lights is at least as fascinating as the day. Just super!

6- By cable car to Montjuic

The second mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona has so much to offer. In addition to great views, there are museums, the Olympic Village and Poble Espanyol. You can visit Montjuic by cable car. 

Going to this mountain by cable car offers an exciting alternative to all the other trails that take you to the Montjuic and you can see one of the greatest views of the city.

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