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gift ideas for 2020
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Trendy yet Classy Gift Ideas for 2020

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Gifts can make the receiver feel special, if it’s the right item. You can express how much you like a person through the perfect gift. However, gift giving is a stressful chore for some as they aren’t sure which item to pick with the constraints of budget, quality and other factors. Choosing the best gift within constraints can be tough. So, we have a list of gift ideas for 2020, for all those who want some inspiration this year.

Handmade gifts – Handmade gifts always show how much you care for or appreciate a person. This is because handmade items clearly take time and effort on your part to put together. It is always the thought that counts. So, if you want to make a crocheted wall hanging or hand painted ceramic bowl as a gift, it will be very much appreciated by the receiver. Plus, if you don’t have the budget for an expensive gift, a handmade or a DIY option works well. You can also make trendy art prints on your own with easy to follow online tutorials and present it to your loved one.

Tech gifts – Technology gifts are loved by everyone as most options make the quality of life easier. For example, I got Alexa for my parents and they don’t have to move from one room to another to switch off lights or make calls. Tech gifts can also be exciting, such as video games and many love to play that. If you get a game subscription or a new version of Xbox to a gamer, they will surely love that!

Edible gifts – Who doesn’t love a little box of chocolates or cookies? Edible gifts are the best options in some cases (unless the receiver has dietary restrictions) and are universally loved. Think about the cake that you get on your birthday or the box of cookies on some occasion, don’t you love it that you were remembered by someone? You could send out ice cream packages, homemade biscuits or a box of doughnuts from the recipient’s favorite bakery. They will love it as food is loved by most people!

Natural gifts – Natural gifts such as plants or essential oils are also pretty good gifts. If the concerned recipient is an avid gardener or an amateur one, then gardening kits, small potted plants, seeds or other such items can be gifted. Essential oils have multiple uses for hair skin and even keeping away insects. Often used for aromatherapy, essential oils help in relaxation as well. These natural products make excellent gift ideas for 2020 when stress and anxiety are at an all-time high.

Bath and body gifts – Bath and body gifts make good daily use items. You are probably going to bathe daily and moisturize your skin regularly, so you will always need such consumables. It always helps if you can make a small hamper with great smelling or eco-friendly products and then present that as a gift. Many big brands and local brands have gift hampers on sale and you can pick from them to make a good gift.

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