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Two veterans are returning to WWE

One of the major rumors that were going around the rumor mill  leading up to the WWE draft was people of the past were making returns who have been gone from the company for some time.

According to Pwinsider.com, there are two former WWE stars who are returning to Smackdown in the next few weeks. They are Rhyno and Curt Hawkins. Rhyno, who is currently in NXT as he had a match with NXT champion Samoa Joe recently  and Curt Hawkins who has been working the Indie scene under his real name, Brian Myers.

Rhyno, whose real name is Terrance Gerin, has been in the wrestling industry for 22 years as he started in WCW in 1994. He began his initial run in WWE with ECW in the late 1990’s and has returned to the company on several occasions. He is also involved with politics in his home state of Michigan.

Curt Hawkins, whose real name is Brian Myers, has been in wrestling for 10 years as he started in WWE. He was part of the releases of 2013 and has since been working the Indie scene. In addition to working the indie scene, he has opened a wrestling school on Long Island called Create a Pro Wrestling Academy.

Obviously, plans can change but right now these are the only two confirmed superstars who are planning on returning to WWE programming. Other rumored names to returning to WWE include MVP, Jeff Hardy, Stevie Richards, Carlito, and others. It will be interesting to see how these returning superstars will fare with the current superstars.

I leave this question now to the readers since there are people still coming back and being called up from NXT, What dream matches are you looking forward to witness in the WWE between the returning stars, NXT call-ups, and on the main roster?

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