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MLB Trade Rumors: Chicago White Sox are cleaning house

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Entering play today against the Detroit Tigers, the Chicago White Sox are currently 46-48 and are 10 games behind in the AL central. It seems that several baseball insiders like Bob Nightengale of USA Today and Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports are hearing a much different feel.

Rick Hahn, GM of the Chicago White Sox has made it clear that while many of the White Sox players are up for grabs, there are some players that are not available unless they are presented with an offer that can not be refused. They include Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Carson Fulmer, Carlos Rodon, and top prospect shortstop Tim Anderson.

Nightengale’s report is surprising in the sense that he suggests that the White Sox will entertain the notion of trading OF Adam Eaton, who has become one baseball’s biggest bargains with a thank you to his affordable contract. He is currently hitting .271/.353/.393 with five homers, 11 steals and phenomenal defense in right field, and he is guaranteed just $21MM through the 2019 season. In addition, Adam Eaton also has two options that value at $9.5MM and $10.5 MM for the 2020 and 2021 season. Fan Rag’s Jon Heyman is reporting this morning that there have been some calls that the White Sox have been entertaining, I would figure it is safe to assume the asking price being asked for Adam Eaton is insane.

Another player who the White Sox are entertaining trade offers is 1st baseman Jose Abreu. He has had a bit of a down year overall, slashing .266/.323/.423, but he has turned it around at the plate since June 1st (.299/.349/.478). He is owed $38.04 MM through the end of the 2019 season which also includes the remainder of the year’s salary. One thing to mention is that his contract allows Jose Abreu to opt into arbitration following this season.

According to Jon Heyman, closer David Robertson is getting a bit of attention on the trade market as clubs are looking to acquire impact relievers. While Robertson’s 4.03 ERA on this season is higher than he usually has in his previous years, he is still rather effective outside of the hiccups. In 37 appearances, he has been clobbered for 10 of his 17 earned runs.

While those are more on the long- term contracts, the White Sox have several players who have their contracts up at the end of the 2017 season and are also being considered to be traded. They include Todd Frazier, Brett Lawrie, Melky Cabrera, and Zach Duke. Dioner Narvarro, Alex Avila and Justin Morneau are free agents following the current season.

When the White Sox made all these deals over the last few years, their exception was increased greatly. However, it has not panned out that way and they have yet to make the playoffs since they started making these deals.

Depending on the asking price that the White Sox are asking for Todd Fraizer, Zach Duke, or David Robertson I can see a team like the New York Mets asking about those players because those are roles they need to be filled. If the White Sox are willing to pay the rest of Jose Abreu’s contract, you can possibly see the New York Yankees going after him.

The trade deadline is August 1st and it will be interesting to see if the White Sox end up becoming a fire sale team.

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