plants for home décor

Home décor means styling or decoration of a room or a building. It enhances the interiors to make it more aesthetically pleasing or achieve a healthier environment. Home décor can include painting a space and changing the accessories and furniture. Decorative crafts, sofa and curtains can make a huge difference in how a room looks if placed in the right manner. Succulent plants can create a natural corner in your home and create a pretty space as well. Succulents are great plants for home décor that can make your room look so much nicer.

So, what are succulents? These plants have thick and fleshy parts, usually so that they can retain water in dry climates. If it helps, think of a cactus. It has a plump fleshy body and stores lots of liquid, and they are found in deserts. There are different species of succulents and they come in various sizes, shapes and colors. Here is a list of succulents that can be grown and maintained indoors.

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a pretty plant and unlike other cacti, it doesn’t have spines. The plant has fleshy stems and pretty flowers that bloom. The stems are segmented and can grow about a foot in length, resembling its nickname – crab claw. It needs a little more moisture than its spiky cousin, so it needs to be watered when the topsoil is dry. It must be kept near the window so it gets some light and it can bloom in winter.


The jade plant is a favorite as it is quite easy to grow. The plant has stocky and branched stems with glossy leaves which are sometimes tinged with red. They grow very tall if put out in the sun, but as a houseplant, it may get only a foot tall. The plants get top-heavy at times so its best to plant them in a heavy container. It must be let dry completely before watering, but this is tricky as the roots may get shocked if fully dried and then watered.

Hens and Chicks

Hens and chicks are small succulents that multiply really fast. The “hen” is the mother plant that produces small “chicks”. The Mexican Snowball plant develops small flat, flowerlike rosettes with arched and bell-shaped blooms. The Green Wheel Sempervivum also has rosettes but the leaves are pointed and flatter with small star-shaped flowers. They mustn’t be constantly watered as the roots tend to rot. They do very well near sunlight and can be easily propagated.  You can buy succulents online as well if they aren’t available in the local store.


Lithops are really cute small succulents. They look like colored pebbles or stones and growing them is quite easy. Lithops can naturally multiply when they split into two brand new halves. Don’t overwater and give the plants adequate sunlight. They are also known as living stones because they are live plants but looks like stones. The plants must be planted in well-drained soil and away from drafts. They mustn’t be watered in winters.

Zebra Haworthia

The Zebra cactus with spiky foliage and stripes makes it look like an exotic, rare plant. However, they are quite common and can be found in garden centers. It is easy to grow – put it near a window for a few hours of indirect sunlight and the soil should be dry in between watering. It is a perfect choice for terrariums as well. These are some of the best plants for Home Décor as there is minimal maintenance.

House plants are a good way to enhance the aesthetic value of your space while bringing in some natural setting.

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