Classic role-models are important, Landon Bonneville knows best. But for many young people, seeing someone from their own rows lead by example, is much more important. Someone who is from among them and rising to the new heights of fame and success. Not through just some luck-based viral sensation, but through his hard work and dedication. 

He is a 17 years old baseball player, catcher, and right-hand pitcher for Western Branch Thunder. If you look further, he has already made three times appearance in Team-USA Baseball. Many sports experts claim that he could be right on track to appear in MLB shortly. The point isn’t to highlight or praise Landon but to showcase how he can inspire the youth.

The young boy is known to be highly eccentric and full of life. He loves music and currently working on pursuing sound engineering. If you check out his social media, you will see him regularly practicing, even showing us a glimpse of the throwbacks. He is kind and often gifts people with something special they can admire. Of course, if we look further at his idols, we can see him making wise choices.

Trevor Bauer, Bastille, Gary Vee, David Wright, and Michael Cuddyer 

The above-given list of names isn’t random. These are some of the most prominent figures from Landon Bonneville. He is the living example that if you surround yourself with high-achieving people, you can achieve glory, as well.

If youth could focus on Landon and learn from his hard work and dedication, they would undoubtedly find valuable lessons. The young teen seems to have his life in balance. He can balance baseball with music, understands the value of socializing and connecting with the community. He is not just building his career as a baseball player but a community that will take him to new heights. 

Giving Back To His Parents 

If people can learn from his story, they would realize how to simplify and figure out their lives. Role models matter, and Landon strongly strives to give back to his parents. This act of gratitude and acknowledgment of his parents is another inspiring act from Landon. Overall, there’s no doubt that he will make his way to the big league. If today’s teenagers get inspiration from him, we may as well be looking at the future full of rising stars! 

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