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UFC 168 : UFC President Dana White Announces Silva-Weidman Rematch

Thanks to UFC President Dana White, MMA fans will be getting their wish for a Silva-Weidman do-over sooner than expected in UFC 168.

As first announced on ESPN’s SportsCenter, the much-anticipated rematch featuring former champion Anderson Silva and new middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Dec 28th at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden.

Silva, 38, who was a big favorite going into his match against the un-heralded Weidman by knockout, gets a change to avenge a rare loss and re-claim his middleweight belt.  The 6’2, 185-pound native of Curitiba, Brazil has a career record of 33-5-0, and before his stunning loss to Weidman held the longest title defense streak in UFC history of ten.

The only question, that remains to be answered now is can the fighter known in octagons as “The Spider” weave another web of victory?

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  1. Too bad for other 185ers like Vitor that they didn’t get a title shot against a new contender, but the rematch is a huge selling fight that people want to see. Silva will be a slight favorite, but only minor. Very curious to see if he’s a showboater in this one. Haven’t seen him ever get KOd or lose in soooo long

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