The world is changing at a rapid pace with technology and innovation paving the way for consumers and targeted audiences to become increasingly aware of their purchased products and acquired services. This has grabbed the attention of many entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world to open up towards new challenges and trials in a consistently progressive and competitive environment.

As a magnate and the chief proprietor of your venture there is no doubt that brushing up on essential skills during such a perplexing time period will be a good idea, nevertheless, foresight and a little bit of sagacity can help you overcome a lot of hindrances that await you in the coming year ahead.

While it is significant that you continuously seek to improve your earnings at the present, however further planning and strategy can definitely put you in a favorable position for what’s about to come next. Here are some trends which we strongly believe that every entrepreneur should have under their radar so that they are prepared and ready to adapt to the upcoming changes as per forecast.

Advancement in Technology

Our everyday lives have become regularly more driven through technology and the impact which it has offered across the globe is evident and undeniable. This dependency on new and improved products that are constantly trying to offer more convenience and value to the customers has created a movement to enhance user experience and overall quality offered to them.

Since there is no stopping the crusade and undertaking of many well-established organizations, as a business person it is highly advisable to join the bandwagon and be a part of the mainstream. You should clearly approach technology as a means of maximizing your own business’s growth and potential to succeed amongst rivals.

As per prognostication new technologies which will shape the ecosystem include:

· Augmented reality through wearable and mountable devices to offer added layers of information for various users and purposes. Los Angeles based company DAQRI is currently working on said projects.

· Virtual reality to become indistinguishable from the real world with the help of high-resolution 3D scanning mechanisms. An early depiction was showcased during the Istanbul Design Biennial of 2016.

· People will be willing to opt for workplaces that are far from their living quarters, with the help of Hyperloop a joint venture of Tesla and SpaceX. It will allow safe travels for passengers at a speed of 760 miles per hour over long distances of over 200 miles.

· Construction and architecture would be improved by the swarm of tiny robots which are cheap to produce and work rapidly to achieve impossible goals. This method was presented Maria Yablonina a graduate at the University of Stuttgart.

Evolutions in Marketing

It is relatively obvious that as the world changes around us, marketing for your products and services will also need to evolve and become more modified to suit the needs and requirements of the targeted audiences. Here are some marketing trends[m4] and predictions to help you out:

· Consumers are more passionate about personalized shopping experiences that are cohesively created to add extra convenience and facilitate their expectations from a particular brand or service to the maximum.

· In order to build trust and loyalty for your brands, there is an undeniable need to study the overall customer’s journey towards your offered services and then build long-lasting relationships through a relay of information regarding the way of doing your business.

· As the market for new content creation becomes ever more saturated with time, marketing agencies and partners would need to strive for authenticity in their innovations to break through the molds.

· Consumer data already plays a huge role in what marketing does today and the customers are aware of it. The Agile approach that takes into consideration requirements and solutions through the collaborative efforts of various departments is highly suggestible in order to speed up improvements.

Wellness at Work

While your dealings with external clients will regularly leave an impact on your income statement, nevertheless one big factor which you need to take into account is the general wellness at work that directly influences and relates to your workforce and staff members. Over the years a lot of momentum has been achieved with respect to the trend for offering a safe and healthy environment for workers.

Majority of renowned and reputable establishments have already indulged themselves actively into enactments that promote health and safety at the office. On the other hand, many supervisory teams of various organizations already include such routines as a part of their daily managerial practices. You should also consider to introduce such activities that promote this cause in order to uplift the morale of your labor force so as to keep them motivated.

This enables them to reflect on the company’s image as a well-wisher by letting them know that you genuinely care for them and their well-being. Some of the ways through which you can encourage healthy lifestyle at the workplace include:

· Create awareness amongst team members and departments regarding concerns and issues related to poor health and major diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

· Offer them seminars and training related to general health and wellbeing practices at both the office and at home.

· Asking employees for their feedback regarding health concerns and how to improve the working environment.

· Taking periodic initiatives repeatedly to improve the general wellbeing at the office.

· Provide them with a canteen or an outlet where they can acquire fresh juices and organic food.

· Make health practices at the workplace an integral part of your management’s routine.

· Enable opportunities for your employees to receive medical checkups and hire an in-house clinical psychologist for mental health and consultations.

· Introduce hazard signs and other safety boards in the workplace to keep your workforce informed.

We hope that this post was able to offer you some meaningful insights regarding some substantial trends and tendencies which every entrepreneur should focus on. Let us know and share your opinion regarding what we missed out on in the comment section below.

Author Bio: Demi Phillips is a veteran marketing specialist and a self-proclaimed avid online blogger. In his spare time, he likes to offer exceptional business studies help for higher education students as one of the best assignment writers UK.

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