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Using Facebook Messenger & ManyChat for Marketing

Facebook messenger bots are on the rise in 2019, and because of this, there are all sorts of platforms which offer their smart bots in order to use them as a “primary” tool for your social media marketing campaigns. We’ve found that out of all of them, ManyChat is growing to be the much more popular platform, and is rising to the top of the Messenger streams in order to deliver wonderful advice, a custom user experience, and bring more revenue to businesses through the use of smart bot advertising. In this article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using Facebook messenger & ManyChat for marketing your social media campaign.

How to Maximize your Performance

You can call or order simply online in order to get the most out of your ManyChat bot according to Smart Bot Marketers. By utilizing and synchronizing your Facebook page, e-mail, and even your Facebook messenger, you can utilize amazing flowcharts with the intuitive courses like what Smartbot Marketers has to offer.

ManyChat is fully customizable and you can get it for free, or even get more exposure and custom results in order to have more advertising responses available for you with the pro (paid version). It’s amazing that what started out as a basic marketing campaign for websites has evolved into Facebook with the amount of users that are online at the same time all around the world. By using Messenger & ManyChat together, you can build extremely clever marketing and up-sales responses, as well as build your own experience that every user will think is fully tailored to them.

What to Expect in the Future

ManyChat and other chatbots keep emerging, and ManyChat itself has been around since it was created in 2016. Many businesses are getting approximately 400% return on investment according to an article on Forbes magazine’s website. The ease of use, the ability to not have to learn how to actually program, but the creation of programming the bots themselves. All of this can easily be learned how to do, and because of this the growth market is anticipating that ManyChat chatbots are going to be the future of online automated marketing.

What are some Other Comparable Chatbots?

Well, you have numerous chatbots emerging on the markets, and many of them are utilized for what they’re made for. Amazon ahs Lex, which is a deployment bot that can be integrated into your Amazon channel, ChatFuel, which are becoming more and more popular. You know how a Facebook game gets people suckered into being “subscribed” when they play the game?

Often their code automatically ends up subscribing the player of the game (like the popular game on Facebook called “OMG” as an example, or even Battleships – an online version of the Hasbro game we know and love). These Facebook games will auto-subscribe you to their chatbot service so they can give you reminders and more. But that’s not what ManyChat does. ManyChat offers the user the ability to create custom user experiences so you can literally create responses for anyone who comes across your page, and makes it easy for them to feel like they’re being talked to by a real person, or that you designed your bot to react mainly to them. People like knowing they’re being listened to on any level, and ManyChat in conjunction with Facebook messenger have proven that.

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