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Utah Jazz: In Dennis Lindsey we trust

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In my opinion the Utah Jazz should have had 3 objectives this off season: they needed to strengthen our depth at the point gaurd position, gain more 3 point threats, and add some much needed experience to a very young roster. We saw this season as the Jazz struggled with injury’s to key players, with injury’s to starters Dante Exum, Rudy Gobert, and even Derrick Favors, the Jazz depth proved to be detrimental to the Jazz success. They struggled all season trying to make up for the loss of starting point guard Dante Exum, who suffered a season ending injury while playing for  the Australian national team.

It seems to myself that the rebuilding process that Jazz fans have been enduring the last few years has seemed to be a long process, and honestly at times it has felt like the Jazz weren’t moving forward. I can tell this past season that many fans were starting to get irritable, and were ready to move and go a new direction, with the franchise. It seems that the offseason pickups that the Jazz have made have given the Jazz fan base something to be excited about.

The Jazz started the off season by getting involved in a 3 team trade, where they sent there first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks in Exchange for veteran point guard George Hill, which not only gave us some more depth at the point guard position, but also gave the Jazz a much needed scoring threat. The Jazz where mentioned in many big name free agents throughout the offseason. The Jazz ended up singing another veteran in Joe Johnson, which adds another scoring threat, as well as a player that has playoff experience. The Jazz where also involved in another trade where they sent a second round pick to the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for French bigman Boris Diaw. The Addition of Boris doesn’t add much as far as talent goes, but he does bring some playoff experience. He may be able to show these young players what it takes to be a champion.

The Jazz did not get rid of a ton of players, but they did trade away point guard Trey Burke to the Washington Wizards. It was clear to all party’s that Trey Burke was not part of the Jazz future, so they Jazz granted Trey’s wish to be traded.

The Jazz have also proven that not only that they can find talent but also that they can develop that talent. One player that we saw a ton of growth from during the summer league is Trey Lyles. Lyles put up incredible numbers in the summer league, and at times looked like a man amongst boys. The development of young players is crucial for the Jazz to continue to move forward.

It is very clear that the Jazz have been looking for well rounded players that Have one goal in mind, winning. In my opinion the moves that the Jazz have made have been good moves, and the players they added are not ones that would cause problems in the locker room.

I love where the Jazz are at right know and I think the league and the media have taken notice. Many of you saw that Bleacher Report has put the Jazz very high on there Pre-season power rankings. Dont get me wrong I dont think that the Jazz will have things easy this season. The fact still remains that the Jazz are still a very young team that hasn’t played in a playoff game in a long time, and the western conference is going to be very tough this year as there a many teams that have also had good off-seasons.

Prediction: 47-35 ( last season 40-42)

Conference rank: 4th in western conference(last season 9th)

I know its sounds like wishful thinking, but I believe that the Jazz are on there way. I know that the western conference is going to be tough and I honestly don’t expect the Jazz to make a run in the playoffs, but I would be very surprised if they don’t make it in the playoffs in a very high seed.

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