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Video Games: ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Will Put Players in Captains Chair (VIDEO)


March 5, 2017

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The fourth installment of the Mass Effect series, ‘Andromeda’ will be released on March 21st. And it looks to be a promising and exciting addition!

Instead of traveling to familiar worlds, players will be in the nearest large galaxy. You don’t know the people, customs, and dangers that wait. There are different worlds to explore. Some planets will have familiar features and terrains while others may have remnants of an ancient civilization.


While not on the level of popular first-person shooters such as ‘Halo’ or ‘Call of Duty’, what separates ‘Andromeda’ from those series is the ability to interact and explore new worlds along with some action to go along with it.

The best part of about this game is your role is different. Instead of being the hero of the Milky Way galaxy saving every advanced race from the reapers, you are an explorer first. Some of Andromeda’s races will perceive you as a conqueror.

The main mission is to find a new home for humanity and the other advanced races. The concept of the game is similar to both science fiction dramas Avatar and Star Trek Voyager. As an pathfinder, as your role is called in the game, you face the tough choices of making alliances and possibly making some unethical decisions for the sake of survival.

You may have to take the role of conqueror to achieve the ultimate objective of finding a new home. This game will give players the captains’ chair sort of feeling.

Bioware promised to deliver a different kind of Mass Effect game to players. It will be interesting to see if one of the most award winning video game franchises continues to win hearts and minds of its ever growing audience.

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