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Video Games: Two Weeks Left for Path of Exile’s Flashback Event!

Running parallel to the Bestiary League, the Flashback Event activates three random mods from popular past leagues at once. Those mods will persist in an area for an hour and vary from area to area. After an hour, the mods will change randomly again. The Bestiary mods will also be in effect in those maps, so challenges from that league may be completed in this one. Be warned that your menagerie will not carry over if you’re going to switch to the event or vice versa.

You can expect mods from the Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss, and Harbinger leagues to appear.

Why is this important? New players can experience at least a small part of these leagues past as well as get the chance to get fabulous prizes!

The Rewards and Prizes

First, leveling a character to 35 will award you a Sin and Innocence Mystery Box. It contains various cosmetic pieces of armor or equipment with either a sin or innocence effect. These can be combined as per the player’s preference if they have the corresponding item beforehand. The box is only awarded once per account, so making and leveling multiple characters won’t increase the number of boxes you get.

After that, every ten levels you gain, your character is eligible to win some cosmetic PoE items. The received item depends on the level of the character at the end of the league. At level 95, your character may win one or more footprints, helmets, portals, cloaks, wings, and/or armor packs. These items will be distributed through a random draw so more characters leveled-up means more chances of winning!

What’s more, the top three (on PC) or top two (on Xbox) players of each ascendancy class will receive an Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominance. Ranks 4-10 (on PC) and 3-5 (on Xbox) will receive a regular one.

Warnings and Restrictions

Ascendancy Class re-specialization is disabled for this event. Characters have to exist by the end of the league to be eligible for rewards. They may die but they shouldn’t be deleted before receiving the reward. Aside from the once-per-account mystery box, prizes will be given at the end of the event. Unfortunately, this event is not a way to obtain unique items from past leagues.

Some areas not suited for multiple mods will have this event disabled. Examples of such maps are some unique maps as well as small side areas. Characters and items will be transferred to the parent league at the end of the event.

So what are you waiting for? There are only about two weeks left for the event! Level up your characters now. Don’t miss this chance to get these microtransactions, mystery boxes, and equipment. Relive a small part of leagues past while enjoying the current Bestiary League. The event is available in Standard, Hardcore, as well as the Standard and Harcore SSF leagues on both PC and Xbox.

Happy leveling!

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