Ambience can make or break a restaurant. The idea being to draw the attention of the potential customer as a place where one can relax and unwind with their friends, family, clients or even by their own selves. The ambience and feel of any restaurant is affected the most by its décor. No other affects the décor more than the upholstery of the furniture.  Along with the visual component, it adds a touch of luxury and comfort. This is because it is important to compliment the inviting environment of a restaurant with the right furniture and style. This is where Vinyl comes into the picture.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC or just Vinyl in short is reportedly the third highest produced synthetic plastic polymer. It is used everywhere from car seats, classy furniture, to making hard pipes. It is a fabric of choice for vinyl upholstery furniture at pubs, restaurants or even homes etc. Restaurants all over the world seem to appreciate and love this wonder material, a thing which is proven to regular restaurant visitors.

Here are three reasons why Vinyl upholstery is the material of choice for restaurant owners:

1.      Looks

Vinyl can be made in almost any color required. This makes it quite a versatile product when used in a restaurant setting as it can be used to match up to almost any décor required. Color options are almost limitless starting from red, blue, green can also be made to look and feel in any kind of texture you opt for. Vinyl can be easily mixed and matched with other fabric upholstery to give a seamless or even a contrasting look to any décor. With the myriad of grades and varieties available, budgetary requirements can easily be met.

2.      Maintenance and cleaning

Spills can happen anywhere and more so if it’s a restaurant, hence it is no surprise that vinyl upholstery is the material of choice of restaurant owners are very easy to clean.
Simple cleanups can be done with just water. Vinyl by nature is usually waterproof and hence it absolutely should not affect the material. However, it is recommended to dry the surface as it might form mildew stains. If the cleanup requires soap, it can be easily cleaned with a solution of dish soap and water in the ration 1:1. It is however recommended that one cleans up and rinses with plain water afterwards and allow drying. Most soaps contain ammonia which isn`t really good for vinyl as a long-term cleaning solution.

Vinyl upholstery cleaners available in the market are a great alternative to soap and can be used in the same manner to clean up vinyl upholstery. Vinyl is damaged by harsh chemicals, sunlight and prolonged water soaks. Hence before placing any vinyl furniture in the sun it is recommended to use vinyl conditioners available in the market to specifically protect it from the harsh rays of the sun. This will ensure that the vinyl cover undergoes minimum damage under the sun.

3.      Repairs and Mending

Unlike most other materials vinyl upholstery comparatively much easier to repair using patches. However, if the tear or hole is much larger than what a patch might be able to handle its best to replace that section and your furniture would look as good as new in no time.

Vinyl upholstery represents the best of material and budget. Along with its attractive looks and easy maintenance it has truly earned its place as the material of choice to any restaurant owner.

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