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Washington Redskins: 5 Keys to victory against the Cleveland Browns


September 30, 2016

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Last week the Washington Redskins got a much-needed victory over the New York Giants. To lose that game would have been devastating to the Redskins 2016 goals. Next up is a home game against the Cleveland Browns. This game was once viewed as the return of RG3. Injuries have since derailed that return; no surprise there. What do the Redskins need to do in order to be victorious on Sunday? Here are 5 keys to watch for.

Do not let off the gas pedal!

The Cleveland offense has some weapons and is sneaky. They can stay in the game. If the Redskins are able to get out to a big lead, which they should be, there needs to be a killer mentality. The Redskins offense can be powerful and should be able to score against the Browns defense. Once they do, there needs to be pedal to the metal.

Big Plays!

The Browns will give you the big play. When it is there, the Redskins offense needs to take advantage of it. Kirk Cousins needs to be a repeat of himself in the second half of the Giants game. If he is able to this for 4 quarters the Washington Redskins should easily be walking out of Fed Ex Field with a win on Sunday.

Control the Cleveland Running Game!

The Cleveland Browns are going to want to run the ball. The reason for this is 2 fold. First, it keeps their defense on the sideline for longer periods of time. This is the weak point of the Browns. They want it on the field as least amount of time as possible. Secondly, the Browns actually have a solid run game. Isiah Crowell has shown that he can be the leading back. He has taken the ball from Duke Johnson Jr and been able to stay on the field. The Browns know that the Redskins run defense is not the greatest. Look for them to try and utilize that. The Redskins need to take a big step forward and control the ground game.

Capitalize in the Red Zone!

Entering this game the Washington Redskins are 4th in the NFL in entering the red zone. However, they are 31st in red zone scoring percentage (TDs only)! Field Goals are not going to continue to cut it. The Redskins need to find a way to get the ball in the end zone. They have had plenty of chances in this young season. This game needs to be the breakout.

Control Time of possession!

I mentioned earlier that Cleveland will want to keep its offense on the field as much as possible with the ground game. This needs to be the Redskins mantra. Yes, we want to see big plays, but we also want to see the time of possession. Keep a balanced attack with Matt Jones and Robert Kelly on the ground. Open up the play action for Cousins and the receivers. If Sean McVay is able to keep balance the Washington Redskins will be 2-2 after week 4.

I know there is a lot of offense keys this week. The defense is going to need to be on the ball as well. The youth on that side of the ball may get tested. But if the Redskins offense is on its game the defense should be well rested every time it takes the field. ALWAYS HTTR!

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