Watching football is an excellent occasion to spend quality time with your family and friends. The fact that you can watch your favorite team play is, evidently, a perk. Additionally, being able to do that, from the comfort of your own living room, is equally great.

If you’re one of the many people who dedicates Sundays to watching sports, you should definitely upgrade your living room for this noble purpose.

On that note, we’ve collected an assortment of items that will undeniably enhance your football watching experience.


1. A Big Television: Obviously, the core element to watching football at home is, of course, the television, and not any kind of television. You should get a high definition, preferably big screen, depending on your budget, of course. Still, we could say that the TV is the heart and soul of a football watching evening, around which you and your friends will gather. So, it must deliver excellent performance, sound and image wise.

2. Ultra Comfortable Chairs: Sitting comfortably is an indispensable part of watching football. Although, every now and then, you may feel the rush of standing up or yell at the screen because of an egregious penalty, for most of the time, you’ll remain seated.

To that end, you should certainly invest in a super-cozy recliner that maximizes your comfort, round-the-clock. You can recline the chair and adjust the footrest, depending on your personal preference. Another nice characteristic to add is the armrests with storage space for your remotes, as well as a USB charging port for your mobile phone or tablet.

Most of manufacturers offer single seats as well as sets of 2, 3, 4 or more so browse around and find you perfect fit.

3. A Sound Bar: Enjoying top-of-the-line sound quality whenever you watch a game will make you feel as if you’re actually in the stadium. To maximize the quality of the audio throughout each football game you watch, getting a sound bar is highly recommended. In comparison to the speakers your TV is equipped with, a sound bar will deliver outstanding results.

The resonating bass encircling you will make you feel as if you’re actually cheering with other enthusiast fans on the stadium.

4. A Beer Cooler: When you’re hosting a football-watching gathering, you should know that having ice-cold beverages at hand is more than mandatory. Most people prefer drinking beer while watching football. Since you intend to watch football in style, getting a beverage cooler that would give you instant access to refreshing drinks is a good idea.

A beverage cooler is the prefect addition to your living room as it can easily accommodate your favorite beverages. Plus, most coolers have a sleek, polished look, which means that they will match your living room, not to mention that they can fit almost everywhere.

5. A Fully Stocked Bar: Although beer is the preferred beverage by most football enthusiasts, being able to choose from an extensive range of drinks is more than welcome. Plus, in some scenarios, the situation might require the use of heavier artillery. For instance, let’s think of the following scenario: you’re toasting a celebration, you should have something else at hand than beer, are you with me?

On the other hand, if your favorite team lost, you might want to drown your sorrows and get a serious drink for a change. Irrespective of the reason, having liquor at hand when you’re watching football seems like a decent thing to do.

Watching football at home should be just an equally enjoyable and exhilarating experience. Having a HD, big TV, a super-comfy chair and ice-cold beverages at hand will definitely ensure that!

Author’s Bio: Katie Porter is an aspiring writer, movie lover, and part of the team at Seatup. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her home state Colorado and plays in women’s amateur rugby league.

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