How To Convert PPT To PDF Files

If you are meeting a client and want to have a PDF file copy of your Powerpoint presentation that you did earlier, you might need an excellent file converter to help you out. Many people find it challenging to convert files into PDF formats because some think they need to download software. 

But the truth is, you don’t have to install anything to do so. PDFbear is an online PDF tool that lets users convert, view, edit, merge, and extract PDF files in an instant. Not only that, but you can also convert other file formats into PDF files using the website. It is easy, convenient, and less hassle for busy people. 

Converting PPT files to PDF files using PDFBear

Converting ppt to pdf is also possible in PDFBear. As mentioned, it can convert any file in different formats into a PDF format. All you need to do is follow these three easy steps, and you’re good to go. 

  • Choose a file

First, you need to choose your PPT file that you wish to convert into a PDF format. You can select the file on your computer or your cloud storage. Once you’ve already chosen the file, drag and drop it on the website, and it will process immediately. 

  • Convert the file

Once the progress bar is full, you can go ahead and start the conversion. Choose the file type that you want the PPT to be converted to. Since we are converting it to PDF file, choose PDF. Once done, you can click “Convert,” and the conversion will start in an instant. You don’t have to way too long for the translation because PDFbear is quick when doing file conversions. 

  • Download the file

Once the PPT file is converted successfully into a PDF file, you can save your converted file by clicking “Download.” You can choose where to save the file; whether you want to save it back in your computer or cloud storage, you can easily download it in seconds. You can also send it directly via email to a friend or colleague. 

Why choose PDFBear?

Besides being a convenient and free PDF online tool, PDFBear offers tons of features that one should not disregard. Converting will be so much more comfortable with PDFBear, and you don’t have to worry about any installations and extensions. Type in the website on your browser and use the tool on the spot.

Privacy Policy

When it comes to privacy and confidentiality, PDFBear has its Privacy Policy that ensures its users that all uploaded and converted files in their servers will remain in the system for only an hour. Once the PPT file is converted to a PDF file, the site will only give you a limited time to download it. Your important files won’t be leaked online. 

Works on All Platforms

Next, PDFbear is compatible with any operating systems, computers, and devices. Whether you are working on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, you can access the website on your browser. You can also convert files easily with your mobile devices because it works on Android OS as well. 

Supports PPTX

Aside from PPT format, PDFbear also supports PPTX files for PDF conversions. Not all file converters support PPTX, but PDFbear supports it whether you want to convert, edit, or view the data on the system. 

Convenient and fast conversion

PDFbear is one of the quickest and most convenient file converters online. If you are always on the go and need to convert files from time to time for work, PDFBear can be accessed 24/7, anytime, and anywhere.

Convert files on the cloud

We all know that Powerpoint Files are recognized across the world. Thus, PDFBear made it sure to make converting Microsoft PPT Files fast and convenient even when it is in the cloud. Upload files in one click and save them in the cloud in no time. 


When you’re in an important meeting, it is best to provide everyone in the conference with a copy of your presentation. If you have your performance in a PPT form and you want to ensure everyone in the boardroom a copy of it, convert it to a PDF file. PDFbear supports all types of conversions, and it is the best tool that you can get for all your file needs. 

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