Wedding trends evolve. And as we venture into 2022, here are some of the top wedding trends you will get to see this year. 

The Focus will be on Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have been around for a while now. However, in 2022, they will become even more widespread. As people are tired of sitting at home or indoors all day long, they would prefer to enjoy a beautiful wedding outdoors. Besides, outdoor weddings can hold more guests than closed venues. That will be particularly helpful for maintaining social distancing at the events.

Wedding Invitations will Go Digital

You can notice a rise in digital wedding invitations for a few reasons. Firstly, with COVID still causing havoc, people are trying their best to avoid contact with physical objects that arrive via mail. Secondly, more people are pushing for sustainable weddings these days. 2022 will also see a rise in such eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. Thus, going paperless with wedding invitations is a great way to start this sustainability initiative.

Lastly, with digital wedding invitations, you can get more creative and innovative. Plus, it is easier for guests to RSVP via digital invitations. 

Decorations will be Bold and Vibrant

Weddings have adorned muted color palettes for a few years now. In 2022, however, this trend is likely to disappear as we adopt more bold and vibrant color palettes for weddings. 

Pantone – a color trend forecasting company – predicts that the Spring and Summer of 2022 will focus on blue, pink, and purple. According to them, color tones like pink-purple Orchid Bloom, Fair Green, Bubblegum Pink, and Sonic Blue will take over wedding decorations during that time. Colors like Coral Rose and Cascade Blue will also be present at the venues.

And it is not just the decorations that will adopt these bold colors, but wedding dresses and gowns too. 2022 will be the year of floral-print wedding gowns. You can rest assured that most of these gowns will have designs that either complement the bold decoration colors or contrast them in some way. As muted and pastel colors fade away from the wedding decorations, you can expect the venues and functions to appear more lively.

Floral-Print Wedding Dresses will Become Popular

In the past, you would rarely see bridal collections flaunt a few floral-print dresses now and then. With time, however, the trends have changed. Flora-and-fauna and bold blossom prints will be popping up a lot this year. That includes everything from 3D floral applique, to gowns with floral embroideries. 

In 2022 weddings will be all about aesthetics. And floral gowns and dresses are the way to go about with this idea. These dresses will look more captivating alongside the bold and vibrant wedding decorations of the venue.

Fancy Colored Diamonds will be the Preferred Jewelry Stones

2022 will be the year of colorful diamonds. Since everything is taking on a bold and vibrant look, engagement rings and other wedding jewelry will not remain white, plain, and colorless.

When it comes to colored diamonds, websites like Leibish have a great collection. For this wedding season, blue-colored diamonds will be particularly popular, given that they are both bold, as well as subtle in a way. These diamonds can also add a bit of contrast to floral wedding dresses.

A Rise in Weekday Weddings

2020 was not a good year for weddings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither was 2021. That led to a backlog of weddings, and as we enter 2022, there are more weddings than people can handle.

Right now, weekend weddings are impossible to manage. Most venues are already booked in advance for months. Those that are yet to be booked are asking for hefty booking fees. Thus, we are likely going to see a rise in weekday weddings as that is the only suitable option for most couples looking to marry in 2022.

A Rise in Sustainable Weddings

People all around the world are doing whatever possible to live a more sustainable life. It is no surprise that weddings these days are also turning in that direction. The idea of a sustainable or eco-friendly wedding has always been around. However, it did not gain much momentum over the last few years. As we enter 2022, sustainability is surely set to become more mainstream.

A sustainable wedding means local gift shopping, borrowing a wedding dress instead of making a new one, avoiding single-use utensils and packaging, and so on. Besides, you will also get to see the use of biodegradable confetti and the serving of local and seasonal delicacies.

Apart from these, a few other trends will be seen as the year progresses. Only time will tell whether those trends will become mainstream or not.

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