If you love online casinos and bonuses then you may have got signup bonuses sometime. These are the welcome bonuses from casino owners to lure more players especially the new ones.

Do a quick research and you will find hundreds of casinos offering online casino signup bonuses packages. These packages can give hundreds or even dollars on signing up as a first time users at their casinos. However, there is a small print behind it which many of the players fail to understand. They lose their bonus as soon as they earn them. So, if you don’t want to lose them at the first place then read the article.

What are welcome casino bonuses?

Welcome bonus or casino sign up bonus is same and they are offered by almost all casinos of the world. Different types of casino bonuses are there which an amount is matching to your first deposit. This is called as match bonus. Let us explain with an example- if a casino offers bonus of 200% it means you will get $200 for your first deposit of $100. 

The welcome bonuses are ranked on the basis of following:

 Casino quality
 The bonus value estimation
 Wagering amount before withdrawal
 Expected amount from wagering
 Bankroll risks 
 Bonus size and more

Online Casino sign-up bonuses are of two types- cashable and non-cashable. The bonuses that allow players to keep the amount after meeting the requirements for wagering are cashable. Non-cashable is the one that don’t allow the players to keep the bonus money. 

Different casino bonuses

Let us understand about the Common casino bonuses that are offered. 

No-deposit bonus

First one is pretty uncommon but still some casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. However, this is popular among players as you have to do nothing other than making an account to get some games to play with real money. Simply players have to mail a form given in advance on casino site either directly or indirectly. In few cases, the players get the amount in the account as soon as they enter the promo code given at site. 

However, players have to meet some conditions set by casinos to make any withdrawal. Some bonuses are sticky and cannot be withdrawn as they are made for players who simply play the game with bonus money and then quit. Thus, the bonus amount is kept small and for those with higher amount have stringent conditions to be met for withdrawal. 

Free spins

Free spins on slot machines are also one kind of bonuses. For example- a player who gets 100 free spin bonuses will get the winning amount after playing the free spins. But these bonuses amount cannot be withdrawn instantly and bet amount and number of lines cannot be changed during free play. Usually, a maximum limit is set on free spins but few casinos also offer no wagering requirements. This allows the players withdraw the bonus amount instantly.

Match bonus and deposit bonus

Such are common online casino signup bonuses offered and popular as well. They don’t have stringent conditions to match and are easy. Among them the most valuable one are welcome bonuses. Such bonuses works on simple principle where players on depositing of x% amount get bonus money. This is usually 100% bonus but in rare cases it can be up to 200%.

What does it mean? When you put an amount in your account it gets double on getting bonus. Same with 200 bonus thus total amount become $300.

Wagering requirements for online casino signup bonuses

Players can enjoy the benefits of casino bonuses only upon meeting the conditions. Casinos have set few qualifying conditions to make the bonus amount withdraw. Almost all casinos have some wagering requirements. Don’t think that you will simply earn another $100 by putting $100 in your account. Earn it first.

First, look on the small print written on the website. Read it well and remember that bid may look good but conditions can make it unfavorable for you. The nonsense conditions turn the players to another casino websites. Bonus amount are unfortunately not immediate credit, first players to have minimum deposit in their account to meet the betting requirements.

Time constraint 

Don’t think a particular bonus is available for always. There is a set time for every entry bonus. Make sure to check the time and financial conditions before opting for bonus. In case you demand for a bonus make sure that you are able to use it within the set time frame. In case you fail to do then the bonus amount will be deducted from your account.

Terms and conditions 

Online casino signup bonuses come with bonus terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are either stated under bonus offer or are sent via link. Please read them and understand all the terms well before applying for the bonus. In case you don’t understand any term then ask the casino customer support team via live chat option. 

Games to play

All games come with different wagering requirements and you cannot fulfill all of them, right. It is going to affect your performance directly and in different manner. Two situations are mainly there- 

 Few games have different eligibility criteria which set limit for players
 Bonus is applicable only on certain games like slot machines

So, check which situation fits in the bonus you need.

VIP clubs

Players can maximize their profits with loyalty programs and VIP club membership. This is beneficial for regular player who can enjoy the interesting offers and benefits from these programs. Regular players play gambling games as a part of their hobby and it’s actually good as it improves game skills and mind. It also gives some extra money that is of course an absolute benefit for the players. 

Such programs are all about collecting comp points. It’s easy to get as you get point for every dollar you spend. Once you get enough camp points you can enjoy benefits like paid vacation and more.

Online casino signup bonuses are truly beneficial for all those who need something extra from the gambling games and casinos.



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