We all want to look and feel our best, but how do we do it? Here are a few practical and simple ways to look great, feel fantastic, and reach your full potential.

Get Health Insurance

Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance. If you’re serious about keeping yourself healthy, you need to sign up for health care. An insurance company can provide you with protection so you never have to leave an illness untreated. Many people avoid seeking care because they aren’t covered by insurance, which makes health care extremely expensive. For a monthly premium, you can have coverage and get the help you need. What’s more? Your insurance will cover preventative health care, meaning you won’t have to pay to visit the dentist every six months or your gynecologist every year. Bonus: Many medications are free or cheap when you have health insurance.


Nail Your Makeup

Nailing your makeup look can give you a huge boost in confidence and happiness. Try a few new techniques to see what works for you, and test out new products like a liquid magnetic liner. A magnetic lash and liner will give you an incredible look that lasts all day. When your makeup is on point, you feel ready to tackle anything. You can consult a professional to get tips on what will work best for you, or you can experiment at home. Try a few different looks and see which one makes you feel the most awesome.


Never Stop Learning

If you want to reach your full potential, you have to keep learning. Whether you graduated from college last year or 10 years ago, there is still more to learn. Talk with your employer about whether they offer training. You could learn more about your field or gain an additional certification, which will help you advance in the future. Your learning can also just be for your own benefit. Listen to podcasts about topics that interest you, or read the autobiography of someone you find fascinating. Encourage yourself to continue to learn and grow, and you’ll notice a boost in your intelligence, both emotional and mental.


Talk to a Career Counselor

If you’re feeling lost at work, you might want to reach out to a career counselor. He or she can help you discover what type of career will best suit you, and if pursuing that career will require a major change, he or she can guide you on what steps to take next. One of the biggest reasons why people are unhappy at work is the type of work. You might have fallen into a career that you didn’t see yourself doing and now you don’t know how to get out. You dread going to work and you hate your job. It’s not too late to make a change, no matter your age. Talk with a career counselor and see how you can take steps towards an amazing new job.


See a Therapist Regularly

If you want to improve your mental health, your relationships with others, and your own happiness, see a therapist. Talking with a professional gives you the space to grow and learn more about yourself. You’ll gain skills and tools to use in your everyday life, and you’ll learn how to better yourself and your relationships. Therapy is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to feel happy and healthy.


If you do these five things, you’re sure to become your best self. Focus on your mental, physical, and emotional health. When you devote time to what you need, you’ll reach your full potential.

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