Malaysia is one of the counties where Gambling Is legal and is one of the most popular countries in entire Asia for Gambling. Malaysia also is known as the ‘Gambling City of Asia’, follows Las Vegas and Macau in generating huge profits from Gambling. Unlike other major nations in the world, Gambling is completely legal in Malaysia and is not only famous in casinos but Horse racing, gambling and Sports betting gambling as well.

But just like every game nowadays has an online version for convenience and spontaneity, even Gambling has its unique online presence in the form of ‘Online Casinos.’ Online Casino Malaysia is a huge hit with its audience as it is accessible anywhere, anytime, creating a channel of non-stop entertainment and Gambling within its players.

But before we delve any further, let’s first understand the concept of online casinos.

Online casinos are virtual gambling play rooms formed online or virtually to encourage players to play and place bets resulting in a win or loss. All the rules of this virtual gambling concept remain the same as that of a traditional gambling game. Traditionally there are two ways of online Gambling – web-based online Gambling and download-based online gaming.

While Web-based online gaming can be played directly by making an account and logging in every time you want to play the game without downloading, Download-based online gaming allows you to download enables a player to participate only once the game is downloaded into your handsets or mobiles.

Before we proceed further, let’s take a look at the picture of Gambling in Malaysia and why the online casino is a better option.

  • The betting act 1953

This act pretty much prohibits all sorts of bookmaking, sports betting, and other kinds of Gambling in Malaysia between the operator and the betting client with a punishment of 5 years awarded to those found acting against this law. But the only leverage is that it cannot impose any fine on individual gamblers but only those who perform such contracts professionally or owns a betting house.

  • Common gaming house act 1953

This act is singularly aimed at all the betting houses which, if found operating, will be levied up to 5000 MYR fine or six months imprisonment.

  • Sharia Law

Under this law, betting and Gambling of any kind are lawfully and religiously prohibited, and any Islamic Malay found  in this act can be imprisoned up to years.

Therefore, online casino is an open forum for all kinds of betters and wagers to gamble without facing much of restrictions.

Rules of Online casino

In online casino, certain rules and restrictions have been levied primarily because it’s a Muslim country, and based on religious values, all sorts of Gambling and betting are prohibited. Therefore, to enjoy uninterrupted service, these rules below needs to be kept in mind-

  1. The restrictions in traditional gaming of casino have quite a lot of implications, and thus online casino serves as a perfect purpose for those who cannot legally take part in such betting and Gambling
  2. Online casino, can start you up with a deposit of as low as 10 MYR, which enables people to easily take part in it.
  3. Online Gambling also lays out some proper rules to play with, which makes this format much preferred than a traditional house casino.
  4. Since the online websites are saved from any legalities, the amount that you win is exempted from tax, allowing you the full benefit of your win. This encourages many to opt for an online form of Gambling.
  5. Proper licenses are assigned to each online website to enable players to decide where to put the money, but since it’s physically not protected by any law, you should be careful as to where to bet.

Advantages of online casino                                 

The advantages of online gaming are many resulting in many players and communities online-

  • The formats of online gaming are simple, allowing players to win big or win small, but the loss factor is less. The presence of digital currencies like cryptocurrency increases the value of the token making it a win-win situation for the players
  • The return value of the money invested is far greater in online Gambling as the competition is fierce, enabling online casinos to payout as high as 95%. The relief for the websites from owning establishments is also not there in an online format allowing higher payouts.
  • The convenience of online gaming right from the comforts of your house is another factor that attracts so many people towards online Gambling.

Online casinos just like any other format, attracts more players than the traditional format because of the advantages mentioned above as well as the benefit of staying anonymous while playing, making this game a huge hit among its followers. And with the world facing a lockdown as now, this game is in demand much more than ever. If you want to get a taste of this, you can also log in for a first-hand experience. You never know, but you may win big!



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