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What Are Different Types Of Industrial Racking System?

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By Lauren Bracy

Various industries have their warehouse and storage space where they maintain their inventory and stocks. They keep their manufactured products to meet the market demand and do not fall short of supply.

Hence, various goods and products are stored in warehouses. These warehouses have different types of industrial racking system, which enable them to store goods and products. These industrial racking systems vary depending on the nature, shape, size, type, and quantity of the goods and products.

So, let us we will discuss about various types of industrial racking system.

Here is a list of different industrial racking system:

Heavy-duty racking: These are specifically designed to store and hold the heavy-duty items or the bulk items at one go. These may include the heavy industrial products such as steel, aluminum, iron and other heavy metals or big bundles of goods. These types of racking system are sturdier and can accommodate a wide range of loads in the warehouse.

They are durable and lightweight, yet strong enough to bear tons of weights.

Narrow aisle racking: These types of industrial racking system are incredible and are used to enhance the storage space in the warehouse. These are narrower aisles, which operate with man-down or man-up lift trucks. In this racking system, it is easier to navigate due to narrow aisles.

In addition to this, they make the most out of vertical space. They are mainly good for storing agricultural products.

Cantilever racking: This racking system is profoundly used to store long products, as it consists of series of columns with extended arms design. These are ideal for long products including steel rods, long timber, plastic piping, and other such similar products, which need long space to store them.

Hence, it becomes easier and convenient to store such products with cantilever racking system.

Selective pallet racking: It is among the most common racking system used in many industries to store various items because this type of racking is cost effective, stable, and gives direct access to products upon storing. In addition to that, it is easy to install and shift this racking system.

Hence, you can find this racking system in most of the warehouses in various industries.

Drive-in racking: This is particularly designed to maximize the use of floor space. It is somewhat similar to the block stacking except for storage of the product on the top of the bottom pallet. It mainly consists of pallet above the below. This racking is designed in lanes.

However, the products, which is to be stored is the deciding factor in determining the lanes depth and the number of higher pallets. It can be of 6 pallets lanes or it can be 3 pallets high or it can be 6 pallets deep. It all depends on the product types.

It is good for the larger quantity of the similar goods such as food industry use this type of racking storage system.

Double deep racking: It is somewhat like selective racking system. Mainly, it comprises of two rows of selective racking in which, one row of pallets is behind the other. It enables the pallets to store too deep instead of that, still it is accessible from the aisles.

They are designed in a way that they do not hamper the in-flow and out-flow of the goods.

Carton flow racking: It is generally bed of rollers, which is mainly installed in the double entry selective racking. It eases the movement of the stock. It is mostly used in hand-loaded and picked warehouses.

Thus, these are various types of industrial racking system, which are used in different industries and warehouses to store different kinds of goods and products.

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