All the online gamers must know about Discord. It is a famous app that is used to communicate via voice chat or text messaging. It comes with the versions for Android, iOS, Mac and Pc. Therefore, the majority of the players use it without any problem by installing it in their smart devices. However, some times discord does not work properly and runs into an awaiting endpoint issue. The Majority of the users complain that their discord is not working and they are not able to join their server.

  1. Awaiting Endpoint error

It is one of the common problems that come into seen and the majority of the players complain about the issue. This error occurs because of the slow internet connection. Yes, while using these types of chats apps and online gaming, you always need a solid and powerful internet connection that must not lag during your gaming. You must look for the Discord awaiting endpoint error. It will help you to connect with the network or a server outage on Discord part. No doubt, this is a common problem that the majority of the people face during gaming.

Change the area of the Router. The other reason of corrupting the Wi-Fi signs is passing the infrared beams through the strong items and the dividers of the home. Attempt to change the switch at the focal position where there is no snag of dividers and different items.

  1. Audio not working in Discord

For the PC gamers, the VoIP and the high-speed internet has been famous to communicate with the other players. While TeamSpeak, Mumble, Ventrilo and Skype are the common chat sources online and it is the modern and new application. With the no server costs for users, easy to use interface, integrations and other features, it has gained the position of number one voice chat app for all the players to communicate through Voice and Text.

With the application, you can face the problem of bugs. There are different numbers of common issues with the Discord audio and these are very simple to fix.

  • Wrong device outputting the audio
  • Audio output not working
  • Mic input not working

If you check outages, your connection or audio may not be working properly. There is nothing you can do here but wait for your server must come back online.

  1. Errors in performance of sound devices

If your microphones, headphones and speakers are not working properly or you are getting not a clear sound, then you need to check your Windows setting. It is possible in the case, if your hardware is perfect other times. It seems like an obvious answer but sometimes these things can be unplugged or disabled. Due to these reasons, you cannot get sounds clearly.

  1. Discord is not responding

If your audio or message is not working, then you need to stop working due to the updates. You must check drivers and update them.

  • Sound card
  • Audio interfaces
  • USB microphones
  • Headset
  • USB microphones
  • Motherboard

It makes sure your devices stay compatible with Windows and Discord.


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