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What are steel buildings, and why should you consider it for your next project?

Steel buildings are traditional across America and the world. Strong and durable, steel has been used in construction for hundreds of years, from skyscrapers to shopping malls, as far back as the early 1800s. Steel has proven to be a cost-effective and fast method of building for both industrial and residential projects. With no specialist skills, steel buildings are also relatively straight forward to erect. They can be completed in much less time than it usually takes to build a traditional house or structure out of timber framing.

With the recent explosion in the industrial look for architecture, steel as a raw material is also becoming more popular for both aesthetic reasons as well as sheer practicality. We’re seeing more and more steel buildings pop up all over the states, designed and built by everyday people using easy to use expert services to get their build completed.

As more and more people embrace steel as a residential building material, the industry that has shaped America is going from strength to strength.

What type of steel is structural steel?

The term structural steel relates to high-carbon steel, hard and very strong. This provides the structural integrity of the steel building, ensuring its longevity through even the harshest of weather conditions.

Structural steel itself is a term used to describe many different types of steel used for many different purposes in construction. The shape of the steel used usually tells us what type of steel it is and what it will be used for.

l I-beam – Shaped like an I with flanges either side, this shape is used for cross-sections and strength.

l Z-shape – Like the I shape but only half a flange, usually found in the roof and wall joints

l Angle – Shaped like an L, these are typically used for framing

l Tee – Shaped like T, these bars are usually load-bearing and compress stress.

l Bar: Usually, a rectangle shape, steel bars are used for reinforcing and improving resistance, mainly when used with concrete.

l Rod: Usually, these are round and long pieces of steel and used in concrete and masonry for reinforcing. Most often found in the foundations of buildings to bolster the concrete below.

Why is steel preferred over other construction materials?

Steel is more versatile than most other construction materials. It can be molded and shaped to fit the most unique of spaces, and it can either be hidden to create a more homely design aesthetic or left on display to add to the industrial-chic look of a new build home. You choose the architectural style, then order your steel building to match.

Building a home with steel can be significantly cheaper than traditional methods of building, which is a bonus for first-time buyers.

As a bonus, steel is considered to be a more eco-friendly building material due to its renewability, and it’s regarded as a safer material to build with because of its higher strength to weight ratio over timber builds.

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