The Washington Redskins just received a swift blow that has been somewhat predictable for 2019 already and that is Alex Smith has already been ruled out due to his freak leg break during the 2018 NFL Season. Alex Smith already has a $20.4 million dollar or 10.47 percent of a cap hit for the team in 2019, and they only have roughly 15.462 million dollars in cap space, before extending anyone else on the team, let alone signing a free agent. So signing current division rival, Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback Nick Foles is likely out of the question.

Some notable free agents to be in 2019 are former Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and he is from Hampton, Virginia so he might want to play close to where he grew up again. Other quarterbacks that are in their twilight of their careers include Josh McCown, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Matt Cassel. The free agent market for quarterback is fairly slim as not many established quarterbacks seldom, if ever hit the free agent market, with the exception of Drew Brees.

Another venue the Redskins might consider is drafting their quarterback of the future this year, while it isn’t as top-heavy as last year’s class that had five first round picks and all of them had started games for their respective team.

The current problem with where the Redskins are picking is that there are teams ahead of them that might go the same route and try to find their correct franchise quarterback. As a result, they might have to trade up to team like the Bills whom have the ninth overall pick and since they are eying a quarterback, the price might be considerably steeper, especially going from 15 into the top ten. It would cost them their either their second round pick in this year’s or possibly their first round pick in next year’s draft. 

All and all, it will be interesting to see what the Washington Redskins do going forward in 2019, as they currently only have Colt McCoy as their active quarterback under contract for the upcoming season.

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