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Dating: Don’t Fall For The Girl Who Is Alone

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If you are a guy entering into the dating world or getting back out there for the first time in a long time, you probably already have some basic ideal of the type of lady that you are seeking. Well, with the numerous dating options that are available in today’s world it is likely that you will find someone to match your interests.

However, you might be surprised that you have your qualities in the wrong place. Most guys think that they can seek out lonely girls and attract them easier because they have low self-confidence or don’t wrong in crowds. Well, this is the wrong approach as you should always steer clear of the girl that is always alone and below you will learn why.


The first reason you want to avoid loner chicks will probably seem obvious to most guys, but it needs to be stated anyways. Loners typically want to alienate themselves. They will want to spend most of their time in the home because they don’t have any ambition to get up and go out. Sure, it can feel great not to be pressured into date night every week, but there are going to be times when you want to be sociable. Everyone needs friends and social life to keep themselves grounded. Plus, one of the best parts about dating is sharing hobbies and interests that both you and your mate enjoy.

She Won’t Take Charge

Most guys probably think right away that they don’t want a girl that will take charge, but they really are wrong. If you are the one that is outgoing all the time or engaging in all the social interactions things are going to get awkward quickly. Loner chicks aren’t necessarily incapable of social interaction, but they tend to get caught up on their own thoughts. You are going to want a chick that is willing to make awkward phone calls or answer embarrassing questions. You are going to have an all-around more productive relationship if you seek out a lady that is assertive and outgoing. Just remember that in order to find such ladies you are going to need to take advantage of the top dating sites.

Lack Of Ambitions And Goals

Another huge downside to dating a longer chick is that she is probably going to lack in ambitions and goals. She probably won’t ever want to go out or travel. Do you want a girl that is just going to float through life or do you want a girl that is going to reach out and seize every opportunity that is presented to her? An ambitious chick will likely climb the career ladder and be able to overcome any challenge in her path.


A loner girl is only going to have one person that they are going to interact with and that will be you. This might seem appealing and intriguing at first, but couples always need time apart. What is she going to do when you go out with your friends? Will she scorn you because you like to be sociable?

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