So, what are ultrasound scans?To help you know more, ultrasound scan delivers sound waves of higher frequency to capture the images of the inside of the body. The sound scan procedure is mostly used in cases of pregnancy. One of the main benefits of using theultrasound scan is the image output  helps the doctor know about the swelling or root cause of pain and infection in a body or the baby’s progress inside the fetus. The ultrasound scans serve a variety of purposes for doctors.

 Along with detection, ultrasound imaging is also helpful in conducting a biopsy, diagnosing the condition of the heart, or assessing the damage caused to the heart after suffering an attack. In addition, the ultrasound scan is completely safe. It doesn’t use any radiation. Purely only sound waves are transmitted into the body, which when hits the organs or liquid are bounced back, and the transducer captures it. That’s exactly why the image produced after an ultrasound scan is called a sonogram.

Talking about the common uses of ultrasound scans, it helps diagnose several kinds of medical conditions and check for any damaged organs. The doctors mainly use the ultrasound scan to check internal infections, swelling or other malfunctioning in human bodies.

Apart from this, the ultrasound scan also helps in:

  • Checking possible signs of breast cancer.
  • Diagnose the condition of the heart, including valve problem, heart attack and so on.
  • Now, talking about the doppler ultrasound scans, it helps doctors in checking the following aspects-  Blood clots
  • Vessels narrowing down
  • Formation of tumors or congenital vascular malformations
  • Lesser or absent blood flow to some body parts such as ovary or testes
  • The surge in blood flow can be an indication of infection.

How Do Ultrasound Scans Work? All You Need To Know

Wondering how the Ultrasound Scans Work? The ultrasound mechanism comprises the computer console, transducer, and video monitor. The transducer is a small device that a technologist handles. The device looks much similar to a microphone. The transducer sends high-frequency sound waves into the body and then retrieves the echoes bouncing back.

How Do Doctors Perform The Ultrasound Scans?

  • Firstly, the radiologist or doctor-in-charge who collects the sonogram asks the patientsto lie down on the table with face towards the ceiling.
  • After the patientlies down, the doctor places a cool gel on the body area, which has to be examined. This water-like gel is helpful to allow the transducer to gain contact with your body. In addition, the gel also discards off the possibility of air pickets popping up between the transducer and skin that can hamper the transmission of sound waves into your body.
  • Next, the radiologist or sonographer will move the transducer around the area under examination till he gets the images from that area. Usually, the patients don’t feel discomfort when the transducer is pressed on the area under examination. However, suppose the area which is examinedexamined area is a bit sensitive and tender. In that case, there is a possibility that the patient may feel some minor pressure or pain when the transducer is pressed.
  • Once the healthcare provider has obtained enough images to reach any conclusion later on, he then wipes off the gel from the area under the examination. If some bit of it is left, it dries off on it soon.


At the end of the day, ultrasound scans are completely safe, non-invasive, and most importantly, the scanning facilities don’t expose you to any radiation. And the procedure is also quite safe and easy. So, if you’re about to have an ultrasound, then don’t worry, the ultrasound is completely safe to go for, and within a few minutes, it will be done!

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