light entertainment, or thought as the only way to find a soul mate now. But in the end, the fact is that about 30% of active users of the World Wide Web have at least once registered with similar services. Although the first wave of their insane popularity has somewhat subsided, dating sites are still in great demand around the world for both men and women.

Who registers more often on dating sites

If you ask this question, you can come to some conflicting conclusions. On one hand, women start to think early about starting a family, building permanent relationships, and having kids. It’s true that today the values have changed slightly compared to what it was 10-15 years ago, but in general terms, the picture still remains the same.

On the other hand, it has become increasingly possible to hear from men that it has become much more difficult to meet a girl that you like on the street, in transport, even at work. Plus, the pace of life and the extent of employment that both sexes can boast about have a very negative impact. In addition, as it is sad, the reaction to a stranger who comes up on the street with an intention of getting acquainted, with a high probability will cause distrust, doubt, and even fear, instead of fantasies about romantic feelings.

As a result, both women and men use the virtual world in search of what they are desperate to find in the real world. And interestingly, the ratio of M and W in dating services is almost equal with a small margin in favor of M, depending on the site. The main difference is shown when we talk about the reasons why men most often go to these sites, and for what reasons women do.

Why do men and women use dating sites

Entertainment — 51% and 43%

The most popular reason for registering in the service among representatives of the strong half of mankind was a desire to have fun. In other words, for 51% of young people, this is a kind of experiment, an adventure for fun. The girl visitors to such dating sites amounts to 43% – a bit less, but nevertheless still a substantial amount.

Young men and women in this category are not looking for the love of a lifetime, or a short-term romance, or a reliable friend. Basically, more often than not, few of them can give an accurate answer to the question “why”, because they were led to the site by curiosity and the search for new experiences.

Friend Search — 41% and 41%

But here is an intriguing moment. Both men and women unanimously admit that most often they use dating sites to find friends. It would seem that the vast majority of such services and applications clearly address their services primarily to those who are looking for a mate with the prospect of a serious relationship and marriage. But in fact, it turns out that people come here to search for friends much more often than for love.

However, this is not much of a concern: we all know that one of the most effective ways to find a partner for a romantic relationship is a strong friendship based on shared interests and views.

Interesting conversation — 28% and 18%

A little less than 1/3 of men and slightly less than 1/5 of all women register here in order to chat with different interesting people. In this case, it is not so important what exactly the acquaintance will result in – whether this person will become a friend, lover or companion for life. The main thing is the vivid impressions and emotions that a new acquaintance can bring.

This goal is often realized on international dating sites, where you can communicate not only with your own countrymen but also with residents of other countries. This way you can learn an incredible amount of interesting things about other cultures, their lifestyles, and life in the remotest corners of the world.

Search for soul mates — 20% and 17%

Yes, according to statistics, 20% of men and 17% of women register on dating sites in order to build a romantic relationship. But it is worth noting here: very often those who initially come with a different goal (or no goal at all) end up looking for a partner. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many people distrust the idea that you can find true love “online”. As a result, it takes some time to overcome these doubts.

However, much depends on the resource here: “Cleanliness” and the reliability of the site directly affect the quality of the user audience. This means that the more serious the resource and the better it is monitored by its creators, the more people come there who are really inclined to search for relationships.

Intimate relationships — 18% and 5%

In this category, men bypass women by a significant margin. One can wonder for a long time whether this perceptible difference is connected with public opinion, moral rules, or other reasons, but the numbers indicate that only a small part of the pretty ladies go to dating sites in search of sex. However, it is quite possible that some of the girls might simply prefer not to admit this fact.

There is nothing improper with looking for a sexual partner on a dating site. Perhaps the only thing that can be recommended to such users is, to be honest in their motives and not to give false hope to a stranger who is in search of something more.

Marriage and family — 12% and 10%

Here we are talking about people who are very serious. They are not interested in short affairs, just sex, and friendship. 12% of men and 10% of women register in dating apps and services solely in order to find a reliable life partner and create a strong family with a like-minded person.

It is worth noting that the purpose for which people register can be transformed. And those who came for the sake of romance and relationships (the category that was mentioned above) eventually also want these relationships to develop logically. Therefore, a significant part of these users will ultimately shift here.

Partner loyalty check — 5% and 5%

An equal number of men and women from time to time look at dating sites to check if their partner has got a profile there. The fun starts when both partners start going through these platforms in order to test each other’s loyalty. Eventually, of course, they will surely meet, and how they explain this to each other is a separate issue.

Other reasons — 13% and 21%

This subparagraph includes men and women who chose not to specify their motives for registering on a dating site. It can be assumed that this includes representatives of both sexes, who are looking for a completely pragmatic mutually beneficial relationship, as well as those who could not determine the reasons.

What are the conclusions?

In fact, we see a rather interesting trend when resources that were originally created for one main purpose suddenly turned out to be an absolutely multifunctional tool for solving a variety of tasks and problems of the modern man. And even if it seems to you that a category is too modest, do not forget that we are talking about millions of people, each of whom is a user of at least one of the 8,000 dating services and apps available today.

Decide on your goals, register on the site that you like best and see for yourself what will come out of it. After all, no one will stop you from going to another resource if the first one doesn’t satisfy your needs. The main thing — as mentioned above, be honest in your goals and motives.


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